How to Adjust Temperature of Bosch Hot Water System

Do you need to adjust temperature on your BOSCH hot water system?

Did you know that you can adjust temperature easily on your own according to the seasons? In summer, warmer water flows into the unit so that you can turn the temperature down. In winter, the water flowing into the unit is colder, so you can readjust it again.

The good news is, it’s very easy to do this yourself. In this video, we’ll guide you through step by step.

To adjust temperature on your BOSCH

Firstly, you’ll need to take the door off.

Don’t worry, we’ll take you through FOUR SIMPLE STEPS to do this:

  1. Loosen the nuts on the left and right hand back corners
  2. Get your hands under the front of the unit
  3. Pull the base of the door towards you
  4. Lower the cover out of the way completely

Now you get to see inside. Check if there’s any leak.

Remember, the hot water system needs to be serviced every TWO years. The most important part that needs to be replaced is the gland sleeve. It is located between the gas chamber and the water chamber.

The gland sleeve stops water leaking into the gas chamber. If you do get water into the gas chamber, you will be up for a new hot water system. That’s why this is important to keep checking your Bosch hot water system. Sometimes it may not have entered the gas chamber yet, but when there’s water dripping onto the gland sleeve, over time it will stuff it up and it will need replacement.

Now, before we adjust the temperature of the water, here’s something you should know.

These continuous hot water systems work by the water flowing through a radiator and collecting heat through the burners. Therefore, the slower the water travels through the HWS, the more heat it will collect.

Onto the FOUR EASY STEPS to adjust temperature on your BOSCH:

  1. Go inside your house and fully turn on a hot tap in the laundry or bath.
  2. The water flow adjustment is this white tap at the front of the unit. Turn it anti-clockwise. This will allow the water to flow through the unit as fast as possible. It’s great in the summer time as the water is slightly warmer flowing into the unit.
  3. The best thing to do is to grab the outlet pipe on your left hand and with your right hand slowly turn the white tap clockwise, slowing the water down and therefore increasing the heat.
  4. When you are happy with the temperature, you can go inside and turn the hot tap off.

And now you need to put the door back on.

This can get a bit tricky, but we’ll show you how.

  1. Grab the back of the cover with both hands and place the top of the cover under the front lip of the HWS
  2. The sides of the cover should also go under the lips of the HWS on either side
  3. Now this is the tricky part, the last 50 or so mm needs to go over the outside of the HWS
  4. Once that is all fitting in there nicely, it should slide onto the nuts
  5. Tighten them up

Done! Good job.

Do you need to relight Bosch instead? We also got it covered for you.

If you live in or near the Shire of Kalamunda and you have a Bosch 10H or 10P that isn’t working as it should be, then give us a call, we will be happy to help.