Beautiful Plumbing is Closing Down

Have you heard that Beautiful Plumbing is closing down?

We’re not sure how to say this, but after a lot of consultation with family and staff, it’s with a very heavy heart, and it’s something that we never thought we’d ever have to consider, but we just have to let you know that Beautiful Plumbing is closing down.

Watch the video below to find out why!

Beautiful Plumbing is closing down…

…its home office.

Sorry, did you think that we were closing down the whole business? We wonder where you got that impression. Maybe it was the title of the video or something like that. That’s what they do in the journalism space. They call that clickbait. So they have a story which has just got a little bit of truth to it, but then it’s not the whole truth.

Anyway, it is quite exciting. We’ve decided to take the next step and to try and move the business off site.

Why Now?

So why does this next step have to happen now? Well, it all comes down to customer service.

We’ve always been focused on delivering better customer service. Yes, we make some mistakes sometimes, but we do our very best to make it right. Most people don’t understand how horrible and frustrating it is when a tradie comes in and offers up cheap customer service. It’s happened to Ben and his wife and it’s very upsetting.

Now, you may be upset for a day or so, but we guarantee you’ll get that same feeling when you walk back into that room and the floor in the bathroom is falling the wrong way, or the basin is off center, or the hot water system that was installed doesn’t suit your family’s needs and you’re stuck with it for the next 10 years. When our customers reflect back on the work that we’ve done, whether it’s a week or a month or years later down the track, we really hope that they’re glad to have called Beautiful Plumbing to help them out.

So at Beautiful Plumbing, we hope that from the very first contact, to the advice and the options that are given on site, right through to where we completed the job and we’re long gone, we really hope that our customers are pleased that they called Beautiful Plumbing for help.

Grades of Customers

Do you know that there are different grades of customers? There’s your A grade customer, right down to your D grade customer. And do you know there are hundreds of plumbers in Perth who would love to work for the A grade customers that we have. So Ben drives into the team that it’s an absolute privilege to work for A grade customers, and A grade customers should get A grade customer service.

The Problem

But here’s a problem. Great customer service is not that common nowadays. So we’re finding that there’s growing demand for our plumbing services. At the moment we’re running the business out of home. The office staff work in a small study, and believe it or not, some days Ben hasn’t even got a desk that he can use. So it’s kind of impossible to grow.

One Option

So one of the options we thought about was maybe setting up a workstation down at our shed. We can get a desk and a monitor. We’d have to move some motorbikes and lawn mowers and sweep it out a bit. But it would be very hot in the summer and it’d be freezing in the winter.

Josh: Oh, mate. Stop with the complaining. Do you want some cheese with this whine?

Ben: Do you like your job?

Josh: This one?

Ben: Yeah, this one.

Josh: Yeah. Best job ever. Don’t worry, mate. We’ll find something.

Ben: Thanks, mate.

Warehouse Wishlist

So what are we looking for in a warehouse? We’d like it to be:

  • 10-15 minutes from home. So we’re looking around Kewdale, Forrestfield, Welshpool, High Wycombe, even Maddington or Kenwick.
  • 150 to 200 square meters with a large office
  • Preferably with a meeting room because we have to run staff meetings and especially toolbox meetings for safety.
  • Also a separate toilet for the staff and also one for the office staff, so the girls don’t have to share the boys’ toilet.

Caravan/Camper Jobs

There’s also been a growing demand in our caravan work where we do gas and water and things like that on them. So it would be great if we have a higher roller door so we could fit some of the bigger vans in to get them out of the weather, get them out of the sun so we could work on them. If it has a hoist, that’d be great too, just to get the van up a little bit higher so it could make us a little bit more efficient. So that’s kind of what’s on our wish list.

The Search Begins

There isn’t much around for warehouses at the moment. There are some really horrible ones that we’ve seen that Ben’s wife and the office staff have just hated. There are some new ones on the market. They’re in Canning Vale and Bayswater and they’re just beautiful with brand new high ceilings, nice disabled toilets and stuff like that. But it’s a little bit further from where we’re based. And they seem to sell really quickly. There are new ones that are going to be finished in about six months’ time in Bayswater that we’re looking at as well. But we don’t want to have to wait another six months before we can get a unit. Anyway, the search begins for the new Beautiful Plumbing headquarters and hopefully we find something that ticks most of the boxes.

We are going to try document as we move our home based business off site. So please come along with us for the ride. We just hope we find a warehouse in a couple of weeks. We might have to give it a lick of paint. We’re even open to a small bathroom renovation. We can put a new cupboard in the kitchenette. Move some furniture in, get the internet connected and then bang, we’re open for business.

A Special Thanks

We just want to give a special thanks to all our A grade customers who have brought this on, because without your support this wouldn’t be happening and there’d kind of be no need for it.

So on behalf of the family and the staff, we just want you to know that your support is very much appreciated.