Do You Need a New System? Introducing BOSCH 4000S

Does your BOSCH Hot Water System need replacement?

If you own a BOSCH 10P or 10H that’s old and needs a replacement, there’s a new BOSCH 4000S Hot Water System as an option.

In this video, we’ll show you what the features and benefits of this new hot water system.

Bosch 10P or 10 H Hot Water System needs a service every TWO years.

The most important part that needs to be replaced is the gland sleeve. It is located between the gas chamber and the water chamber.

The gland sleeve stops water leaking into the gas chamber. When there’s water dripping onto the gland sleeve, over time, it will stuff it up and it will need replacement. That’s why this is important to keep checking on your Bosch hot water system every couple of months.

When you don’t check or service it as often, you can get water into the gas chamber, and you will be up for a new hot water system (like the Bosch HWS in this video).

But worry not! Meet the new BOSCH 4000S

If you do need a replacement, BOSCH has brought out a new hot water system called BOSCH 4000S.

It’s a way better unit.


  • Efficient and easy to upgrade
    We don’t need to upgrade the gas pipes, which saves an enormous amount of money, not just at the time, but in the future as well because you’re not blowing so much gas.
  • More modern
    It comes with a computerised system
  • Limit up to 50 degree
  • Less cost
  • Less servicing
  • Three years parts and labour warranty
  • Last but not least, super small and pretty

    So, if you have a BOSCH 10P or 10H that’s a bit weary and it’s time to upgrade it, you now have a great option. If you need us to come down and check if this option suits you, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help.