How to Prevent Stuffed Bosch Hydropower

Have you got a Bosch Hydropower?

One of our clients owned a Bosch 10H, stands for Bosch Hydropower, not P for Pilot.

This means, it has no pilot light, but runs on a hydro generator.

In the video below, we will show you what is wrong with it.

The hydro generator (we show you where it is in the video) creates a little bit of electricity when the water flows through. They get the solenoids and everything up and working. But it also has a water and gas chamber, and a very important part in between called the gland sleeve.

The gland sleeve needs to be serviced at least every a couple of years. That’s what it says in the book. If you don’t do it, you get a situation like what we have in the video. We show you what it looks like when it’s really bad.

So when you go through your Bosch Hydro, you go over to the right hand side and you have a big disc with a couple of solenoids sitting there. Just below that, you can see the gland sleeve just near the screws. You can see all the calcium build up and that’s where the diaphragm is. That yellow diaphragm needs to be replaced, but because of all the calcium build up, there’s no way we can get to that and fix it.

So in the video, we were just trying to get the system up and working, giving it a minor service. The client then can wait until it dies and replaces it.

It’s always good every now and again to take the door off and check in there if there’s any slight bit of water. We can still move the screws and fix it before it gets too stuffed like in this case.

If you need help with this, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help.