What to Do When You Smell Gas on Your Bosch?

Can you smell gas from your BOSCH Hot Water System?

When it’s working, you might smell fume just a little bit, but it shouldn’t smell bad at all. And when it’s off, you shouldn’t be able to smell any fumes or anything like that. A client called and complained that they could smell gas, so we had a look at the hot water system.

You might have the same problem.

In this video, we show you what caused the gas smell and what to do with it.

Have you got a BOSCH Hot Water System and can smell gas?

A client had this issue. So we tried to turn on the hot tap inside. The hot water was coming out nicely from it, but when I turned it off and checked the burners inside the hot water system. We could see the blue flame popping. The gas kept leaking out all the time, which shouldn’t have been leaking at all.

When the flame blew out, the gas would continually be coming into this unit, and when you fire it up, you might get an explosion.┬áIt’s very dangerous.

What caused it?

The pin that pushes up the gas valve that goes through the gland sleeve was gone. Water has been leaking inside and stuffing up the gland sleeve.

So the only thing we could do was to turn the unit off and replace it with a new one.

If you can smell gas, give us a call. We’ll come check it out and prevent anything dangerous from happening.

We also always recommend to check inside your Bosch hot water system every couple of months.