How to Solve a Burst Pipe Problem

Does your hot water system have a burst pipe?

You might have the same problem like in this video – a burst pipe.

Keep watching, and we’ll show you what happened and how we dealt with it.

Do you have a burst pipe?

When a client called us about their hot water system that’s spraying water, we thought it was because the tank was gone. That was what normally happened, especially the HWS was 12 years old like theirs.

But when we came down to check it out, it was apparently the copper pipe that was bursting water. It was bent a little bit, and since it was copper, it shouldn’t have been leaking water like that.

When we checked the water pressure, it was 900 kPa – way over the standard. You can check if you have excessive water pressure. Make sure you sort it out.

Even if you have copper pipes all over your house, they still have a cone at the end of it. That’s the weak point. The high water pressure could still pop the copper as well, like in this situation.

Don’t think you’re safe. Sort out the burst pipe, or even prevent it from happening.

Give us a call and we can put the Pressure Limiting Valve on to limit the pressure and get your house safe again.