Check Water Pressure Now. You Need to Know This

Have you checked your water pressure recently?

If you haven’t, check water pressure of your house now. Your house might be in danger.

Our client has a Pressure Limiting Valve on their water meter, so their house should have been safe. The water pressure should have been normal.

But it was the AVG one which has failed quite often, so we checked their water pressure anyway to make sure it was normal. Turned out it wasn’t. Double the standard. 1000 kPa. We were glad we gave it a check.

So check water pressure now!

We have made another video showing you what the AVG Pressure Limiting Valve looks like and why it’s not good enough, but in the video above we’ll show you again what it looks like.

Most people in the neighbourhood are using the AVG one which has stuffed up quite often, especially if you live up the hills where the pressure is a lot higher. So what we did was replacing it with a new one that could hold a higher pressure.

Make sure you get your water pressure checked to see if you need to swap your PLV to the new one.

We have made another video especially for you on how to know the signs of excess water pressure, where we also explain what it does to your house.

Do you need help? Give us a call. We’ll be happy to come and check it for you.