How Hard Is It Putting In a Clean Flush Toilet?

Thinking of putting in a new clean flush toilet?

And does it seem like a hard job? Sometimes it is difficult and challenging, like the one in this video when we were putting in a new clean flush toilet.

Keep watching till the end to see the whole process and the satisfying result!

Need a new toilet?

If you’re extending your house or building a new house, you need to put a concrete floor down. The plumber needs to come along and do a prelay. That means to install all the pipes for the toilets, bath, and kitchen sinks underneath the concrete floor before it is laid down.

Most of the time, it is just a flat sand pat with a couple of string lines set up by a surveyor or grano worker, and then we have to work off those string lines to get the exact location.

It might be hard to believe but plumbers like myself do make mistakes sometimes and we get the pipes in the wrong spot. We measure it wrong, or something along those lines. So what happens then is we have to cut the concrete up and try to move the pipe and get it to the correct location before the builder continues with the tiling and everything like that.

On this job the client converted a garage into an ensuite. The walls inside the bathroom were already there so it was easy to measure off and get the location of the pipes where you want it to be. But this one was so badly off that the pipes were too close to the wall, so the client couldn’t install a new Caroma Clean Flush Toilet which she had fallen in love with. This was what we were trying to sort out.

Making it Happen

In the video, we show you how the pipe is too close to the walls. It was 250 mm off the back wall and 310 off the side wall. So it makes it difficult to put any type of toilet in there, especially with the one our client wanted.

The Urbane Clean Flush needs to be about 140-200 mm to the centre of the pipe. It’s so far over to the left hand side that it will be stuck up against the side wall all the time. That is not great at all. So what we were trying to do was to drill the hole and move the pipe to a suitable place.

We marked up the floor with all the measurements to make sure the toilet will be put in the right spot. We drilled the hole and moved the pipe to where it should be, filled it up with concrete again and put the new toilet in.

You can see the end result. It was a difficult job, but it was worth it. Now our clients get what they wanted and all works out just fine!

We also show you benefits of the new Urbane Clean Flush toilet. It has no rim, so when you flush, no water dripping out, really easy to clean. It also has a soft close seat so when someone closes the lid, it will slowly and quietly close. Such a great feature!

So if you’re thinking of putting this new toilet into your house, even if it seems difficult, just give your local plumber a call, or give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help you with that. It’s been proven that even if it is difficult, it is still possible to do.