Close Call to Flexible Hose Burst. You See What Happened

Is it time to replace your flexible hose?

In this video, we show you when we had a close call to flexible hose burst in our client’s house.

The initial issue was only a leak inside the cupboard. They had a standard mixer. Nothing out of the ordinary.

But when we checked inside the cupboard, the leak came from the veggie mixers, but we discovered that the flexible hose was almost gone. It was ripped. A little bit more and it could pop and flood the house.

This has happened often in other people’s houses. They never saw it coming.

So, don’t wait until your flexible hose burst. It’s always good to check once in a while. Prevention is better than cure.

This is one of the things we do. We come out to your house and check all the things, any rust marks and all, and sort them out, because you don’t want to have a flooded house. If we happen to be doing a job at your house, you can easily ask us to have a look at your flexible hoses.

So if you need our help with any of these things, give us a call. We’ll be happy to come and sort it out for you. Stay safe!