Check Your Flexible Hose. You Need to Know This

Have you checked the condition of your flexible hose lately?

We are not tired to remind you to check your flexible hose because it’s dangerous.

It can pop anytime without warning and start flooding your bathroom and then your house. It has happened a lot of times.

People always ask if it is common, and yes, it’s pretty common.

Like in this video, we show you a flexible hose that we ripped out from a client’s house.

What’s the condition of your flexible hoses?

It was only leaking inside a cupboard and only when it was turned on, so it wasn’t a major issue. But when we went in there to check its condition, the flexible hose looked like it could pop anytime soon. So we replaced it with the new one.

Notice Ben the Plumber is wearing a pair of gloves, because when the flexible hose has been ripped like that, it’s sharp.

So check your flexible hoses around the house.

They are usually inside a cupboard, under the basins and kitchen sinks.

If they are anything like the one in the video, get your local plumber to replace it for you as soon as possible. Or anytime they are around, you can get them to check it for you quickly to prevent it from popping unexpectedly.

We always check it for you because we don’t want you to have a flooded house.

If you need our help, give us a call. We’ll be happy to come and sort it out for you.