Forbes 15+: How to Move The Gas Bottles

Do you have a Forbes 15+?

And would you like to move the gas bottles on your Forbes 15?

Check out this video where we did just that.

The Plan

We’ve got a Forbes 15+ and we need to shift the gas bottles outside the actual locker, get them out of the way, and then put them off to the side. Now, why would you want to take it out of the storage area? Because this is a great area. You can fit your Weber barbecue and other things you might need to keep them out of the weather. You can put your toilet chemicals. But you would have to change it to a 4.5 litre bottle.

The only holders that actually fit so that you don’t have to move the diesel tank is the Tracklander one. Jaram product. You can twist them. All the other ones are hard to get out. This one is expensive, but really good quality. We get them just over in Welshpool, Perth. It’s the TLR GBH4, 4 kg.

Remember, you’ve got to be a gas fitter if you want to start mucking around with the gas side of things. If you want to do this yourself, get the gas fitter out there to test the gas before you start, because that’s important. Once it’s all fine and it’s out of the way, get him to just cut the regulator out completely. And then you can do all the moving and putting in the gas bottle holders. Once you’ve finished, he can come back, put the regulator in the new location, weld it all up, test it again, and then you’re good to go.

Don’t try and run it into the box yourself. Because if something goes wrong and there’s an explosion, and you’ve done this yourself and it’s not to code, the insurance company’s going to drop you like a hot potato. You don’t want to have a van with 55-60 grand that you can’t get any insurance on it.

The Result

We’ve taken out the jerry can holders. The box is just a massive area now. Also remember to take the reflective sticker off because if you’ve got a fireman that comes to a problem with your van on fire, they need to know that there’s no gas bottles in there. If there’s the reflective LPG sticker on there, they’ll think there’s LPG’s inside. So take that off because you don’t want to give the fireman a wrong impression.

The storage box now really opens up nicely. There’s a couple holes, so we’ll patch those ones. Now it’s fully dry with some aluminium underneath. And then we just use some silicon, some of the body spray or the body sealant. The Weber barbecue fits in there beautifully. You can raise it up a bit.

On the other side, you got your two Tracklander 4kg bottle holders. You can see the brackets just miss each other. Now, underneath, you can see that it all looks nice. And you’re probably thinking what’s that T for. The owner would like to have a gas bayonet too. So we did that. It is for his barbecue in the future when he gets one. We just hid it behind the mudflap. So nothing is going to go into it, It also has a little dust cap. So now he can light the barbecue out the front and also have the back barbecue.

We also put a little compliance plate, Make sure you have one of those. This means in the future, if there’s ever an issue with your van, you’ll know that a gas plumber has done it. He’ll take the risk if anything does go wrong. Because he’s signing off that it’s to code.

So if you need any work like this done, please give us a call if you’re in Perth. And if you want to check out some of the other cool things we’ve done to campers and stuff, check out our Camper/Caravan Gas Installation section.