Episode 23 – Internet Cable Found!

If you’ve been following the series, you know we have been struggling to find the internet cable at the warehouse. Good news, we have found it!

How We Found It

The internet cable we were trying to find, we found it just on the door here. Because we’re a paperless company, we do take photos of jobs that we’re doing. And we just had this random photo of our plumbing pipes, but over in the corner, you can see that these three pipes were going off in the direction towards the front door. Now, we could see that one of the pipes had this black duct-taped cable coming out of it and then it was heading off diagonally across the office underneath the concrete.

So a customer of ours, Warren, came out to help us. The pipes were down here, and he said that it’s definitely going that way. And then when we saw that photo from the other direction, that means that there’s no way we could have pulled it out, because just down here, it was running across that way somewhere and it was over to the front of the unit. And so that’s where the NBN box is out there. There was a cable running from there to here.


Warren put me onto these other guys called Feverpitch. We don’t know what it means, but they’re a company that does this NBN stuff. And he came out and he had his tracer thing, so they attached the electrodes to the copper cable and that’s sent off a signal. And then he was ginning around trying to find it. So he’s put a mark over here. He found the cable just here where he’s got this dot. And then as he was going around, he was lining it up here, and then he could tell there was something underneath here.

So we thought, “Well, this would be a great spot, because then we could cut it here and then put it into the warehouse.” And he was like, “Well, I’ve got to go away because you have to get someone to cut the concrete.” We said, “Look dude, just give us five minutes. We’ll cut that out because we’re keen to get this sorted so we know where we stand.” Because we don’t want to put any office flooring down or anything like that.

Once we uncovered it, he got his little locator and then we found the three pipes. Obviously one goes to the unit next door, the other one must go across to the other unit, and of course ours was in the middle, which is the hardest one to cut. So we cut it and we managed to get the cable so we could pull it, and it started moving. So what we did, we got this orange line and we tied it on the other end of it, which is really strong, and then we pulled that orange feed all the way through and then brought it up in this hole here, down here.


And then, once we’d had that draw feed through, then one of the other guys got a cable. It’s a 10 pair, which meant there were 10 phone lines on there. It was a bit of overkill. We’d be happy with three or two. Two would have been good, but they’ve given me 10, because they said it’s not much extra and it’s easier to pull it through. So they set that up out the front and then the guys in here just pulled that draw cord and pulled that whole black cable through. So now we’ve got a 10 pair that goes all the way up into this box here. And so, it wraps around a couple of times and then he’s cut them all and then pushed them all in.

So our electrician Pete’s got to run from there, and that goes all the way out the back. We’ve got one of those internet cable boxes or data boxes. We needed something, so we’ve got a little data box here to keep it all dust-free. So that’s where that’s ended up. And we’ve put the concrete back and that, so that’s all sorted.