Limousine Bus and 1 New Toilet. You Need to See This

Have you ever been on a limousine bus before?

When is the only time you won’t be thinking about having a good time on the limousine bus? When you’re busting to go to the toilet.

The Limo Bus didn’t have a toilet, so Damien (the owner) gave us a call and said, “Hey, can you put a toilet in my bus?”

We said, “Yeah, sure. Can’t be that hard.”

In the video below, we’ll show you the before and after of the limousine bus that we upgraded!


As you can see, inside the limousine bus there’s a little cupboard used to store stuff. That was where we planned to put the toilet and the basin, just on the side of the door. Then around the side of the bus, there’s a storage container that was meant to have gas struts, but that’s where we were going to put the tanks.


It’s nice that the owner gave us a bit of a hand. He’s done a lot of the stuff when we were busy figuring out the hard things. The cupboard that used to store mops in and stuff, when you open it up, you can see we’ve put new lino down on the floor – cut all that to suit. We put the little basin in it with special bracket that we made. The silicone’s just drying. That will hold it there nicely. You can see the tap is all working so they can wash their hands and stuff. And we’ve installed the little Thetford toilet. It’s got a button at the bottom of it that you push with your foot, so after you do your business, just push off and it flushes it down to the tank.

And on the outside, we put the tank in the storage container. We show you in the video the toilet line that goes straight down into the tank. We had to install an access point to clean it out. There is a line that goes to the basin, and we’ve put a waterless trap on there. That means that the smell from the tank, once it gets some solids and stuff in there, can’t come up out the basin. We also put a bunghole and dump valve. So you can lock the hoses onto it, pull the dump valve, and then just dump it into the sewer. Obviously, you’re going to get stuff on your hands, so you should wear gloves when you’re emptying this thing.

That’s why we installed a little tap there as well, so you can wash your hands and stuff once you’re finished, with a bit of soap. Then for the water, we wanted to get the other tank in there, but there just wasn’t enough room in the end, so we’ve managed to put the other tank in another compartment next to it. It’s a fair bit of water that we put away in there. There is a hose to fill it up and also to dump the water or wash your hands. We’ve got the pump there, little pre-line filter, and a breather hose as you are filling it up. Still stacks or room under there. All works great.

So, if you’ve got a limousine bus or any bus that you want a toilet put in, give us a call. This was a really good project. We enjoyed working with the owner. We wish him all the best. He’s got plenty of water there. He could probably drive across the Nullarbor with that much water and having a toilet. Party on!