Are You a Member? You Need to Know The Benefits

Are you a member?

This short video is especially for you as a valued member.

We’d like to thank you for your support over the 20 or so years that we have been in the business.

You have called us when you needed a plumber and welcomed us into your houses, into your kitchens.

You have also allowed us to install and service your toilets and hot water systems and trusted us to work in your bathrooms and your ensuites.

So thank you, because without your ongoing support we couldn’t do what we do.

With that said, we would like to remind you of the SIX main benefits of being our members.

1. No call-out fee

We don’t charge you a call-out fee during normal working hours. So if you call us because you are concerned about a leaking valve on your hot water systems, for example, and it turns out to be quite normal, well then we aren’t going to charge because we don’t want you as members to stress about their plumbing.

2. Priority service

Our members get priority service. We try as much as possible to look after our members first. So please, when you call up the office, early in the conversation drop in the fact that you are a member, so we can get to your issue as soon as possible.

3. Annual Plumbing Health Check (FREE)

Members receive a free Plumbing Health Check on any property you own each year so you can be aware of any issues before they become an annoying plumbing emergency.

4. 15% discount

You receive 15% discount on any of the tasks from our pricing manual, which is a huge saving.

5. $30 off for people you recommend to

If you like what we do and are kind enough to recommend us to a friend or family member in the area, then you can tell your friend or family member that they will receive a $30 discount from us on their plumbing invoice, purely because you are a member.

But why would we do this? I’ll tell you why. It’s the next benefit.

6. $25 Coles and Myer gift card for recommending us

As part of our loyalty program. Back in the day, we use to drop five grand on yellow pages advertising with little return on investment. But in the meantime, we had all our existing customers recommending us left, right and center. So then we thought to ourselves, why don’t we put that five grand aside and give it to our customers who use us and like the customer service they receive and then recommend us.

Now the reason we give recommended customers a $30 discount is so they tell us the name of the person that recommended them to us, otherwise they just say they got our name off Facebook or Google. When we find out that one of our members has recommended us, once the job is completed, we will send you a $25 Coles and Myer gift card to thank you for your support. And it is that simple.

So if you are playing golf, down at the footy club or gym, or just having a coffee with friends and you hear that someone needs a reliable plumber, please give them our number or ask them to check out our website.

Thanks again for your ongoing support.