Need a Toilet in a Party Bus? Say No More. Check It Out!

Have you ever been in a party bus or even owned one?

Sometimes it’s really hard to have a good time on a party bus when you’re busting for the toilet. But not to worry, we’ve put a toilet in one.

Watch the video below until the end to see how we did it and the result!

To Do

This is the second one we’ve worked on. It has been a great success for all the wine tours and stuff because it just takes that edge off and everyone can enjoy themselves. So we’re putting another one. A lot more difficult than the first one, but we’ve kind of got it together.

Last time we put the toilet in this Limousine Bus, the toilet was above a big cavity with a massive door on it so we could get in there, put the tanks, and work on it. This time it’s got no door to get into the cavity behind it where we’re going to put the tank. That’s what made it difficult.

Toilet and Basin

You can see in the video inside the party bus and the toilet waiting to be installed. We just got a cupboard that has already been made this time, so there’s a lot more room. We’ve got the marking where the toilet would be with a hole and underneath it was where we wanted to install the tank. Then we’d have a basin that’s going to be on the wall.

Water Tank

We also show you under the bus where the tank’s going to sit. There’s the hole for the toilet and a big bracket that’s going to hold it in place. Then we’ve got another aluminum brace here and we’re going to stick another one across to stabilize it all up. Then we’ll put the waste on that as well. Pretty difficult to get to, but this bus has air suspension, so very comfortable and also it jacks it up nice and high for us.

The the hundred-liter tank has a bit of a mishmash of fittings, but it’s the only way we could make it work because we didn’t really have access to the top. It’s got the cleaning port and a part for the basin waste. Toilet’s going to go on the top. At the bottom, we’ve installed another port where we’re going to put the valve on to dump it into the sewer when it’s full after the night. We have access through the top of it, just inside the batteries.


We wouldn’t say it was so enjoyable to do, but we got it sorted. It was a very difficult job, but it’s great when you find a solution, and you implement it, and it works.

We show you where the pump is. It’s a Surefire pump this time, very quiet to run. Then there’s the 110-liter water tank that we’ve locked into the floor. We’ve only connected it up loosely. The electrician’s going to do it properly later.

Tap and Pump

We’ve also put a quarter turn tap for washing your hands or to wash something else. You can hear how quiet the pump is. It’s really, really good. These SureFire pumps are the ones that most of the time we put in the caravans and stuff, like the Jaycos, the Starcrafts, and the high end ones as well.

Inside, the toilet’s all connected. To flush it, you just put your foot down at the bottom and it pumps away. Also got a little basin so you can wash your hands. Flushes it out quite nicely. You can’t even see the pipes that go down from the basin into the ground, because they’re all black. A great addition to the bus.

The holding tank is under the toilet. The whole cavity is behind the side of the bus. We’ve had to push it in and put it up there, and then make up some aluminum brackets that we’ve tied to the frame of the bus, screwed them in there, glued it. There’s also the dump valve that they just got to pull to dump it into the sewer when they’re finished.

If you see these beasts out on the road, know that they’re having fun and none of the customers are busting, which is awesome.

Need Help?

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