Why You Need a Plumbing Check Right Now

When was the last time you had a plumbing check at your house?

In the video below, you’ll see why you need a plumbing check at your house if you haven’t had one recently.

Background Story

Quick story on this house. We came out here about three months ago just to fix the hot water system on a Saturday. So, a bit of an emergency job. They were on the way out. We asked them if they wanted us to do a plumbing check, like a safety inspection, but they just didn’t have time. We usually put a task in the job to remind the office staff to keep reminding them about their free plumbing check as part of our membership program, but we never got around to it. They never replied.

The Issue

So, we’ve got an issue now. The house has been flooded caused by the old flexible hose. As you can see in the video, the hose was at the bottom of a basin mixer that just burst at the back. They said it probably ran for about two hours on the basin. They were not enjoying how all their furnitures are now stuffed. The flooring’s all gone. Before we went through the whole house we offered to check the other basins. They asked if they would also be gone, and we reckoned so if they were the same age.  As you can see in the video, the flexible hose from the other basin looked rusted. It wasn’t leaking yet, but might’ve been in a week or so and that would’ve gone as well.  The toilet’s ones were also stuffed. So they asked us to sort them all out.

The Damage

You can see the basin that blew, how the inside was all damaged and swollen up. So the whole cupboard probably has to come out and new one needs to get installed. All the floor has been all starting to swell. It was like that throughout the whole house. It’s even gone down into the carpet down across the room. That’s all wet, got all the way to the mat. So, it’s fair bit of pain, fair bit of grief. Not something that you want to come home to.

Moral of the Story

But anyway, so moral of the story is find time to get the plumbing check done because it’s so important. So you don’t have to go through this. If three months ago we did it, we would have seen that they were stuffed and could’ve done something about it before this all happened.

If you need a plumbing check, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help.