Why You Need to Say Yes to Plumbing Inspection

Why do you need to say yes to a plumbing inspection?

One of the things that we offer is a plumbing inspection. And for our members, we offer it for free. Why bother?

Watch this video to see what happened, and why it is so important.

At one of our customers’ house, we finished fixing their taps, and we offered a plumbing inspection at their house. They said they had no issues and everything seemed pretty good. But they let us inspect anyway.

And look what we found.

Rusted flexible hose under their kitchen sink for the hot tap. Just waiting to burst and flood the house. This is very common. We have had so many cases like this.

Weirdly enough, they have a new flexible hose for their cold tap. We’re not sure why they didn’t replace both at the same time.

Can you imagine if it were to burst? It would have damaged their beautiful flooring – for a 12 dollars part!

If you have a plumber at your house offering a plumbing inspection, just say yes. There might be something that we find that needs replacement or fixing. Better to prevent than to cure. Save you time, money, and energy.

If you want a plumbing inspection, give us a call, and we’ll be happy to come out and do it for you.