Portable Hot Water System for Your Caravan. You Need to See

Would you like a portable hot water system for your caravan?

If you think it’s going to take too long to connect upĀ  a portable hot water system on your caravan, well, think again.

In this video, we’ll show you how quick and easy it is to do!


How long does it take to hook up a portable hot water system for a caravan without tools when Beautiful Plumbing has set up the plumbing and gas? Well, less than a minute.

First of all, you just need to hang your Joolca hot water system onto the side of the van. Now we installed some pinch weld on the back of it here so when it rests up against the van it doesn’t scratch it.

First up, just remove all your gas plugs from your gas bayonet and the quick release fittings. Grab your gas hose, grab the bayonet end, stick that in your bayonet. Give it a slight twist, lock it in there. Now remember, no gas is going to come out of this even with the plug in it because it’s got a safety valve on that. You clip that onto the gas side of your hot water system. Grab your little hot hose, whack that on the outlet of the hot water system, straight into the hot line quick connect under the caravan.

Same with the cold. Always put the cold onto the inlet first. Then as you plug it in you’ll hear the pump jump into action and start getting water flowing through the hot water system.

How quick and easy was that? Didn’t even have to use tools.

Are you interested?

So we’ve got a large workshop.

Now many years ago, Ben worked as a plumber at a company called Heeshen Shipyards over in Holland. Now they build these luxury aluminium super yachts. It was there he was taught how to tig weld because he had to make up brackets sometimes where there weren’t any support for the pipes that he was putting in. So it’s very easy for him to fabricate brackets to hold bayonets or water connectors or something for your caravan or camper, to protect them from branches, bushes, or just to support them.

So if you, like us, live in the best city in Australia, and you would like an extra gas bayonet put in your caravan or need to fix a gas leak. Or you just need the gas certified on your camper or caravan. You might even be thinking, “Oh, I wouldn’t mind having a little hot water system plumbed in, or an extra water tank!” Give Beautiful Plumbing a call. We’ll be happy to help.