Caravan/Camper Gas Installation

Would you like a caravan or camper trailer gas installation?

Do you have a caravan or camper but no gas bayonets installed? Would you like to be able to cook or shower with hot water when you are out camping? Guess what, check out Beautiful Caravan/Camper Gas Installation.

We can install gas in your caravan or camper with quick connections so you can easily cook on your barbecue or wash your dishes or shower with hot water without any tools.

How does it work?

Check out some of our case study videos below!

Camprite Camper Trailer

In the video below, we show you a case study where we have plumbed up this Camprite camper trailer that used to only have gas bottles that needed to be taken out of the holder. Now it has gas bayonets to connect to its gas cooker, baby weber Q, barbecue, and Joolca hot tap hot water unit for the sink where they wash the dishes and to shower.


Soft Floor Camper

EzyTrail Camper Trailer


Toy Hauler

Retro Caravan


So, would you like one or something similar for yourself? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to do a Beautiful Caravan Gas Installation for you!