A Special Shower Set That You Need to See

Have you seen this special shower set?

Do you have an elderly parent, or even yourself if you’re a bit worried about slipping in the shower? Or worried to have a bit of a fall? Check out this shower set!

In this video, we’ll explain what makes this shower set special.

The trouble with the normal shower rails that you pick up from Bunnings is that all these end bits are all plastic and stuff. And it’s very hard to adjust up and down with these things.

So if you do have a slip and just automatically grab something, you’ll just rip this off the wall and probably make it a bit worse than it is, you know, with glass shower screens, and so a lot could go wrong.

A really good option is to get rid of this completely, and put one of these disabled shower rails in.

Now these are designed to hold onto, so if you’re on a shower chair or something, you can use this rail to support yourself.

There are three stainless steel screws on each one of these, so very strong. And one of the great things is its decent handle to raise up the shower head or put it down. So if you’re sitting on the chair, you can easily adjust its height. And it has a really nice flow as well. So it can really get the coverage so you can just sit there and shower away.

So if you’re worried about slipping in the shower, or you know someone who would benefit from having one of these so they can really grab onto, give your local plumber a call. Or if you live in the area, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.