Smelly Toilet? 9 Easy Steps to Resolve. Pay Zero

Do you have a smelly toilet

You have cleaned it, but an hour later, you still have a smelly toilet?

Don’t you worry, because we’re here to tell you why, and how to deal with it.

Clues to look out for

First of all, you need to know these TEN clues to look out for, so you can clearly understand why this smelly toilet problem is happening to you.

  1. Is your toilet seat frequently in the up position?
  2. Do you have a bookcase full of wheeled toys?
  3. Is your house generally noisy?
  4. Do you have a double-decker bus parked in one of the bedrooms?
  5. Does your sandpit have hardly any utensils to make even a mud pie?
  6. Is a Little Tikes car getting a service in your lounge room?
  7. Do your members of family prefer to be carried upside down?
  8. Do you have cubby with no soft furnishings?
  9. Are there books about dinosaur on your toilet floor?
  10. Do you find nerf bullets in random places?

If you have answered YES to all or any of these questions…

Then it’s pretty clear that your house has been infested with BOYS.

But why does this matter?

Well, when boys do a number one standing up, I’m not sure how but some of the urine magically finds its way under the toilet seat. This is why you have a smelly toilet.

So what can you do?

Now that really leaves you with only TWO options.

Endure it

You can wait until they become men and leave home, but that might take up to 40 years.


Clean it properly

You can take the toilet seat off completely and give it a good thoroughly clean, and that will end the smelly toilet problem.

And here’s the good news.

You easily can do it yourself.

How, you ask?

Here are NINE EASY STEPS to do it:

1. Put on your hazard suit

You need:

  • THREE pairs of thin gloves
  • ONE pair of thick gloves
  • Gas mask

2. Undo the wing nuts under the toilet seat

3. Lift the toilet seat up and towards you

4. Clean away all the dried gold crystals causing all the smell

5. Also clean under the lip of the toilet where the seat sits

6. Apply the same amount of love to the seat

7. Run the seat under hot water to give the best results

8. Reinstall the seat bolts and place the toilet seat back on top of the toilet

9. Put on the wing nuts just loosely

10. Adjust it to make sure it’s square, then tighten up the wing nuts.

Finally, as they say in Holland, “Success!

If one day an eerie silence falls over your house, don’t just assume the boys are gone.

They’re probably just planning an ambush.

If the thought of cleaning under your toilet seat gives you the begevies, then next time one of the guys are maintaining the plumbing in your house, ask us, and we’ll clean it for you.

Here’s the proof when a customer’s toilet stinks and we cleaned it for them.

And that’s not all.

If you need any other help with your plumbing, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help.

Please note: If you only have beautiful little girls living in your house, then you probably have no idea what we are talking about.