Roots in Storm Water Pipes. You Need to See This

Do you have blocked storm water pipes?

We had a job where we unblocked the storm water pipes and check out what we found!

See how long the root that we found in the storm water pipe. Probably about three or four meters long. What a shocker!

90 mil in diameter, the whole way up.

That was under the orange trees. We found one pipe there that was just a shocker. The massive tree there had been breaking up all the roots and everything and so we just pulled them out of those two there.

If you have some blockage problems and massive trees around, there might be roots that are causing the drain blockages. Make sure you get it checked!

This wasn’t the first time we found something like this. Here are some other ones that we found.

There are not-so-serious cases like a fat blockage, or one of the smaller members of your family has thrown sand into the drain. These not-so-serious blockages can easily be solved by this little technique that will most of the time get the drain flowing again.

But there are some serious cases, like roots in the drain, and you’ll need a plumber and all their gears.

If you need any help, give us a call.