Blocked Drains

Do you have a blockage problem?

Having blockage problems can be a messy situation. You might flush the toilet and have it overflow or a sink or basin may not drain when you remove the plug. These situations can stop your daily life in its tracks and will require urgent attention from a plumber.

If you are in this situation, please give us a call or fill in the callback form on the homepage. We’ll be happy to help out if you live in or near the Shire of Kalamunda in the Perth Hills.

Other signs and possible early warning signs of a blocked drain include:

  • Slow draining
  • Bad smells
  • Changes in the toilet water level
  • Gurgling noises

We have the latest technology in drain cameras and drain cleaning and we’ll be able to assess these symptoms and prevent disaster from striking.

Check out our blog posts below with easy to follow videos that will help you understand this problem more. In fact, we have some DIY videos that will sometimes help you to sort this out yourself!

Quick and easy. Get on them now!

Unexpected Roots in Drain You Need to Look Out For

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How to Not Have Unexpected Flood Inside Your House

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How to Unblock Drain With a Mop

Do you need to unblock drain? You can easily unblock drain with a mop following these FOUR simple steps. Watch this video where we explain it all! Have you got a blocked drain that is overflowing? The first sign of a blocked drain is your kitchen or bathroom drains will start to run slowly. And then
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How to Unblock Toilet with a Mop

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