Bosch Hot Water System

Do you own a Bosch hot water system?

10 P or 10 H? Or even the new 4000S?


Did you know that you can adjust the temperature? And that they need a full service every two years?


Check out our blog posts (that come with easy to follow videos) regarding all these things including handy tips you can do yourselves.


From opening the door, adjusting temperature, to relighting the pilot.


We tackle some issues that people encountered - sharing with you our clients' experiences so you can learn from them.


Quick and easy. Get on them now.

Need to Fix Hot Water System? Here’s A Better Option

Do you need to fix your hot water system? Sometimes, there are better options and of course we want to let you know. How would you like it if you, say, ordered a new caravan that came with a 50-liter fridge? But then, a week after you picked it up, you realised that there was
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Do You Need to Replace Hot Water System?

Do you need to replace hot water system? Have you got a Bosch 10P or 10H that’s not looking too good, not even working, maybe leaking a little bit? You probably think the best way to get it fixed is to get someone out there and replace hot water system with the exact same thing.
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Stuck Button on Bosch 10p: 3 Easy Steps. Pay Zero

Do you have a stuck button on Bosch 10P hot water system? Did you know that you can easily fix this problem yourself? In this video, we show you this quick fix in 3 easy steps. All proven, not just by us, but also from others who have tried. See below! What you shouldn’t do
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How to Prevent Stuffed Bosch Hydropower

Have you got a Bosch Hydropower? One of our clients owned a Bosch 10H, stands for Bosch Hydropower, not P for Pilot. This means, it has no pilot light, but runs on a hydro generator. In the video below, we will show you what is wrong with it. The hydro generator (we show you where
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How to Test Bosch and Find Out A Problem

Do you know how to test BOSCH and detect what issue it has? Watch the video below where we show you how to test Bosch when it keeps dying on you and find out what the problem is. Do you have a BOSCH 10P that has been working well for a while and then suddenly
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What to Do When You Smell Gas on Your Bosch?

Can you smell gas from your BOSCH Hot Water System? When it’s working, you might smell fume just a little bit, but it shouldn’t smell bad at all. And when it’s off, you shouldn’t be able to smell any fumes or anything like that. A client called and complained that they could smell gas, so
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How to Avoid Calcium Build Up in Your BOSCH

Have you checked inside your BOSCH Hot Water System recently? If you own a BOSCH 10P or 10H, it’s a good idea to open the door and check inside once in a while. Why? Because there could be a leak or calcium build up, which would lead to all sorts of problem. In this video,
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Is Your BOSCH Not Working? You Need to Know Why

Is your BOSCH not working? You might have the same issue like in this case. This happened to our client, and we found several problems with their hot water system that caused their BOSCH not working. Have you got a BOSCH Hot Water System that wouldn’t light up? Our client experienced this. Their unit was
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Do You Need a New System? Introducing BOSCH 4000S

Does your BOSCH Hot Water System need replacement? If you own a BOSCH 10P or 10H that’s old and needs a replacement, there’s a new BOSCH 4000S Hot Water System as an option. In this video, we’ll show you what the features and benefits of this new hot water system. Bosch 10P or 10 H
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How to Know Why Pilot Light on BOSCH Keeps Going Out

So your BOSCH pilot light keeps going out? If every time you want to have shower, there’s no hot water coming out, and you need to keep relighting your BOSCH pilot light,¬†you may have the same issue with the one we came across. Worry not, we’re here to help! In this video, we came across
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