Do you have an excess water pressure problem? How do you know?

High water pressure can be great, but if it's excessive (over the recommended Australian Standard of 500kPa), it can cause damages. Especially if your home is up the Perth Hills where the pressure is even greater.


But not to worry!


We have blog posts (with videos) that tell you the signs of excess water pressure and what it means for your house, as well as some cases in the past relating to this issue.


You'll know how we can test to see if your pressure is and check to see if there's any damage caused by it.


We can also explain how we can fix this at your home so you can avert disaster.


Quick and easy. Get on them now.

1 Way to Know if Your Pressure Limiting Valve Is Good Enough

Does your hot water system have a leaking valve? You probably have the same problem with what we encountered in this video – a Pressure Limiting Valve that’s not good enough to hold the pressure. Watch until the end to find out how to deal with this problem. Do you have Pressure Limiting Valve on
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Hidden Issue Behind a Valve Leak. You Need to Know This

Does your hot water system valve leak? You would want to know the hidden reason behind this valve leak. It could be that the valve needs replacement. But before replacing it, there is something you need to check first. Stay tuned! Why does the valve leak? One of our clients called us about a leaking
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Check Water Pressure Now. You Need to Know This

Have you checked your water pressure recently? If you haven’t, check water pressure of your house now. Your house might be in danger. Our client has a Pressure Limiting Valve on their water meter, so their house should have been safe. The water pressure should have been normal. But it was the AVG one which
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How to Solve a Burst Pipe Problem

Does your hot water system have a burst pipe? You might have the same problem like in this video – a burst pipe. Keep watching, and we’ll show you what happened and how we dealt with it. Do you have a burst pipe? When a client called us about their hot water system that’s spraying
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Do You Have High Water Pressure? You Need to Know

Have you got a Pressure Limiting Valve? Does your house have a high water pressure? Make sure you have a Pressure Limiting Valve (PLV) on your water meter. This video is a reminder about the importance of making sure everything in your house is up to code. What’s the standard? It’s the recommended Australian standard
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Bending Pipe on Water Meter, You See What Happened

Is your water meter near the driveway? You might want to check it out, in case you have a bending pipe like in this case. Does your water meter have a bending pipe? Our client had an excessive water pressure, so we came to install a Pressure Limiting Valve and get the pressure back to
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How to Solve Faulty Water Meter Problem

Can you turn off your water meter? It’s important to check your water and gas meter’s condition regularly. In this video, a client had an excessive water meter and we found out that they had a faulty water meter that wouldn’t turn off. Having an excess water pressure could be one of the signs that your
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Did You Know Excessive Water Pressure Will Make You Pay?

Did you know that having an excessive water pressure at your home will make you pay? Literally! Especially if you live in the Perth Hills. Excessive water pressure can bring damage to your plumbing, which will cost you more than it should. But how do you know you have an excessive water pressure? Don’t worry! In
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