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Solar Hot Water System: Reasons Why It Dumps A Lot of Water

Have you got a solar hot water system? Does your solar hot water system dump a lot of water on a really hot day? Now, that might be normal, or it might not be. In the video below, we’ll explain when it’s normal and when it’s not. The Two Valves On your solar hot water
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Australian Standards: See What Happened When Not Followed

Does your plumbing and gas follow the Australian standards? It’s very important. In the video below, we show you a case we encountered where they don’t really follow the Australian standards. The Issue About 4-5 months ago, we got a call from a doctor’s surgery. They said there was a hot water system that was
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Dux Prodigy Owners, You Need to See This Now

Do you have a Dux Prodigy that looks something like this? If the model number of your Dux Prodigy is 135D5N or a 170D5N, please take the door off and have a look inside and see if there’s any fire damage in there. This is the second one we’ve come across in three weeks that’s
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Flaming Storage Hot Water System. You Need to See This

Do you own a Dux storage hot water system, or something very similar? It’d be a good idea just to lift the cover off your storage hot water system every now and then and have a look at how it’s burning. In the video below, we show you why it’s important. We got called to a
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You Need to Check The Flue on Your Storage HWS Now

Have you ever checked the flue on your storage hot water system? If you own a storage hot water system, it’s a good idea to check on the flue. In the video below, we show you why this is important. At this job, the storage hot water system was leaking. We thought the tank was
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How to Choose Best Plumbing Advice. Pay a Little, Save a Lot

Have you considered which plumbing advice worth taking? It’s easy to ask for and get a plumbing advice for free, but is it worth taking? How do you know? In the video below, we show you an example that would give you a clearer view on it. We have come across people who are obsessed
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Hot Water System Explosion: You See What Happened

What happened when there is a hot water system explosion? Sometimes when there is a problem, for example, a hot water system explosion, you just want to get the water back on. It’s very tempting to just call the plumbers and ask for another one installed. You’ll get a good deal and good price, but
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Hidden Issue Behind a Valve Leak. You Need to Know This

Does your hot water system valve leak? You would want to know the hidden reason behind this valve leak. It could be that the valve needs replacement. But before replacing it, there is something you need to check first. Stay tuned! Why does the valve leak? One of our clients called us about a leaking
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Leaking Hot Water System in a Cupboard. You See What Happened

Do you have a hot water system in a cupboard? You’d want to know this. Our client had a leaking hot water system in a cupboard and couldn’t turn it off. Keep watching, and we’ll show you how we deal with this issue. Is your leaking hot water system installed in a cupboard? We had
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Important Parts on Electric Hot Water System You Need to Know

Have you got an electric hot water system? Have you checked whether you had all the important parts on your electric hot water system? In this video, we’ll show you what parts you need to have on your HWS. We were renovating a client’s kitchen when we noticed their electric hot water system was missing
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