Why You Shouldn’t Flush Your Wet Wipes Down The Toilet

Do you use wet wipes?

Just a quick tip from a plumber: don’t flush those wet wipes down the toilet. Why?

It causes havoc down the line, especially if you’ve got a septic system. When you need to clean it, the wipes won’t break down and stick together. So it’s nearly impossible to try and suck them out of the tank.

You can see in the video where we got a septic tank cleaner to come and sort it out. It’s quite a deep septic tank and you can see how all the wipes clumped together so very hard to get off.

Cut the poor septic tank guy a break, and also your sewage system, especially your septic tank, and don’t flush those wipes down there.

We have another example here on why you shouldn’t flush the so-called flushable wipes down the toilet.

We also have a blog post with a video where we explain how the septic tank works and the recommendation on how to maintain it (and to know the problem signs).

Don’t just take our word for it. Adam Lovell, Executive Director of Water Services Association of Australia said, “Wipes and other products are increasingly contributing to sewage blockages. These blockages are sometimes called ‘fatbergs’ and can disrupt customer services, create extra costs for water utilities and customers, and impact the environment through sewage overflows.”

So there it is. If you need any help from us regarding this, give us a call.