How to Fix Adventure Kings MT1 Water Pipe Issue

Do you own an Adventure King MT1 camper trailer?

We got an Adventure Kings MT1 that we’ve been working on here. And it has water pipe issues. Check out our solution to it!

So what happens with the Adventure Kings MT1 camper trailer is if you didn’t pull the fridge slide out first and then take the sink and that out, it would pull off. We don’t even know why. Those fittings should not pull off, but something’s going on with that.

Showing The Issue

In the video, you see that when Josh to pull it out a little bit, it just goes like that. And then you would pull and it would catch on this thing here and then it just goes and you can see it just pops off, all right? That fitting shouldn’t just pop off. So this flexible hose is not long enough, but again, that fitting should not come off.

You can see this pipe, it should just push in like that and then it should lock in but you can just pull it straight off. So we don’t know why it’s not gripping, if the pipes are not the right size or something. But that shouldn’t be happening. And that’s what’s getting wedged under this thing and just pulling off. And that’d be terrible, ’cause that water, if the pump was on, that would just fill up this whole thing with water.

So the issue is this section here. If you don’t pull it out, that’s what the problem was. It was getting stuck. So we just got this John Guest fitting. We don’t know if it’s going to work. This is just a John Guest pipe that we use. We’ve wrapped it really tight round a bit of 65mm and we’ll pour boiling hot water over it all the way and then hopefully that’ll remember that shape. And if we stick say a 90 John Guest fitting, which will move and everything that might give us that concertina sort of effect here. And yeah, it might stop doing that. We don’t know if that’s going to work. We’ll see.

The Spiral Pipe Result

So far it looks like it works. So we could probably even try and get it a bit tighter, but we reckon that might be all right. Hopefully it will stay in shape. So yeah, we’re pretty happy with that. Let’s see how it goes.

We don’t know what sort of fitting this is. We don’t think it’s John Guest, but the John Guest pipe, you just push straight in and it comes straight out. Same with the white stuff that they got here. Again, you push that straight in like that and it just comes off. There’s something seriously wrong with that fitting. What we might do is just cut the end of that little bit of white one off and see if the John Guest fitting goes on there and stays. So we’ll see how that goes.

So what we’ll do is, with the cutters here, we’ll just cut the end of this pipe off. Now we might put one of these John Guest sleeves in as well. You can buy these from CAMEC. There should be CAMECs all over the place, but there’s John Guest. That’s what we use all the time. So it doesn’t let the pipe collapse but that’s really loose inside there, so we don’t even know if that other one will fit. Anyway, we’ll try and force the John Guest fitting on there and see if it goes on there.


We’ve just tried to push the white stuff into the John Guest. It’s not working. It’s leaking. Turn the pump on and we tried to give it a pull and it starts leaking. So we’ve got to maybe just replace the blue pipe. We’ll remove that white pipe altogether and just leave it all in John Guest and then we know it’s not going to have an issue. So we’ll just try that now.

Just taking that thing out and we’ve unscrewed this here. So that was screwed onto the bottom. We’re thinking if we can get a John Guest fitting onto that and replace this pipe with John Guest, because that little bend where the white pipe pushes onto that other one is leaking because it’s slightly bigger than the John Guest ones. We don’t know what this is but we’ll try to get something to match.

So we put the female on there. We’ve cut this the same length as the pipe we pulled out. So it fits in there because it’s slightly smaller so that shouldn’t be an issue. We’ll push that all the way to the back and then it’s got the heel sleeve in it so it can’t collapse the pipe. So we push that stem adapter on there and then all we got to try to do is get up inside and push it up into that John Guest fitting, which is quite difficult to do.

So, okay, now it’s on there. Here’s a tip for you: before you put the sink in, change this thing over so you got access to it and it becomes a lot easier. But yeah, that’s all in there. It’s looking pretty good. So let’s check it out at the back now.

Okay, so seems to be working all right, but we’ll show you what it looks like when it’s slid in and then when it’s slid out from the inside. And so you can get some idea, you can do this yourself. We reckon this is a good solution if you guys are out there with these Kings campers. You should sort it out. Don’t have to worry about it anymore.


Here’s that pipe that goes down the side of the kitchen. It’s got the elbow on, that give you a bit of flexibility. And we’ll put the clip up quite high on the back of the kitchen here and then you can see the spring just goes all the way. And then we’ve got another clip that’s clipped to the back of the fridge drawer here and that holds the elbow with the stem. So that’s got a lot of movement as well. That’s fine for a John Guest fitting, if that makes sense. And that just lays down on there.

So as it pulls out, you see what happens here. It comes out, just sort of goes in there and that’s where it’s full. So yeah, stays there quite nice, we reckon, it’s pretty good. That clip’s nice and high, just lays it off and then when you push it closed again it all just sort of munces up like that. That’s turned out pretty good. And then we’ll show you the other stainless steel hose that’s already in there.

Now, we’re sort of sitting on the fridge drawer here and we’ll just get Josh to push it closed and you’ll see what happens with the drawer here. So it just sort of sits in there like that. There’s no pressure on anything. There’s no kinking anymore. And as it slides out, you can see it just sort of follows that line. Come up pretty good, so pretty happy with that.


If you’re thinking to yourself, “Mate, this is amazing what he’s done, but there’s no way I could do this, it’s well above my pay grade.” Then of course give us a call. If you live in Perth we’ll be able to help you out.

But if you think, “Mate, I could totally do this.” How about we’ll just show you what fittings you need and then you can just get them from CAMEC or something. We’ll try and give you the numbers as well. We buy all this stuff in bulk anyway.


You need the 12mm Guest piping. Try to get the blue stuff, it sort of looks good, cold water and everything. So underneath the tap here, remember we took off this fitting underneath. So we removed that and then we use this fitting here. Now this is the 12mm BSP to the 12mm fitting. And the product number is CM451214FS. So that’s what you need. And that screws straight onto the bottom of the tap once you remove this.

And then you need this stem pipe. Here it is, up here. It’s a 12mm elbow with a stem on it. Now this is 12mm by 12mm. And the product number on this one is PM221212E. So that’s what you need. And that pops underneath. So that goes on the tap, this pops underneath, and then that continues down the side. We spoke about it. Runs down the side here.

When you get to the back of the drawer here, that’s when you stick the normal 12mm by 12mm equal elbow. Now, this product number is PM0312E. So you need one of those to go at the very back. And then you need to clip it to the back of the actual kitchen with one of those clips. They look like that. We use these C-clips. These are about 16mm or 13mm. Just get one of those. And that clips right up to the high bit.

Then after you’ve coiled it and it gets to the top, then you need to get one of these babies, so the stem goes onto the end of the coil. So the same fitting that you had before. And then that stem pushes into this, which is a male fitting to the 12mm. And that number is PM011204E.

So once that goes on the end, so the coil goes on, stem goes on there, that pushes on there, and then that’s when you put the other clip. And that clip goes to the back of the fridge slide, and then that bit there should go onto your existing one meter stainless steel flexi.

That’s all you need. You can those from CAMEC or you just have to order them online, but you know what they look like now, so pretty easy. Have a crack yourself. We’re going to ask the owner, see what he thinks about this. Obviously, it’s not our camper so we can’t try it out, but hopefully after he’s used it a few times and he’s gone away camping a bit, he’ll get back to me and say, good job, or mate, it’s kinked up, or something. But it looks all right to us so hope all is good.

If you need any help, feel free to get in touch with us.