Excess Water Pressure

Do you have an excess water pressure problem at your home? How do you know?

High water pressure can be great, but if it’s excessive (over the recommended Australian Standard of 500kPa), it can cause damages. Especially if your home is up the Perth Hills where the pressure is even greater. But not to worry! We have blog posts (with videos) that tell you the signs of excess water pressure and what it means for your house, as well as some cases in the past relating to this issue.

You’ll know how we can test to see if your pressure is and check to see if there’s any damage caused by it.

We can also explain how we can fix this at your home so you can avert disaster.

Quick and easy. Get on them now.

Make sure you watch to the end of this video for some great offers!

Areas with Excess Water Pressure

We have tested and installed Pressure Limiting Valves because of the excess pressure on streets in the Perth hills. These are the streets we have rectified excess water pressure on. So if you live on or near these streets, you may be supplied from the same water main.

  • Carmel: Carmel Road East, Union Road
  • Gooseberry Hill: Hobbs Road, Sundew Road, Gooseberry Hill Road, Lenori Road and Lascelles Parade
  • Kalamunda: Simeon Close, Taylor Road and Temby Avenue
  • Lesmurdie: Kimbarlee Way and Falls Road
  • Maida Vale: Yirrdah Court, Priory Road, Kathleen Close, Acacia Road, Kunzea Close, Kaoriki Court, Baza Gardens, Matuka Mews and Acacia Road
  • Piesse Brook: Hummerston Road
  • Pickering Brook: Pickering Brook Road
  • Roleystone: Heritage Drive