Episode 32 – Aircon Installation

In this episode, we are getting the aircon installed at the warehouse! Check it out.

Aircon Position

The office gets a little bit hot towards summer (or cold in winter) so it’s time to get reverse cycle aircon that can both cool and heat the room, whatever is needed. You can see, we have to kick Alfindy out of her desk. She normally sits over there where we want to install the aircon, so she’s sitting at the meeting table for the moment. She’s got this massive screen using the TV, so doing well. At first we were usinng a fan to cool the room and small electric heater to heat the room, but they didn’t cut it, so we’re getting the big one installed.

We’re going to put it on that wall there. It’s a Hitachi one, it’s got a FrostWash, so that means it can freeze up freeze up all the foils and stuff, and then when it cools, all the dust and everything meant to just collect in that when it defrosts and then flushes it out. So, that’s where it’s going, and then hopefully, we want it to be able to blow through the doorway into the kitchen, so we can kind of just take the edge off the kitchen as well.

Aircon Unit

There’s another air-con upstairs that we’re not using at the moment, and that’s up in that top room. You can see that one up the top there, and this is where the outdoor unit is. So during the summer, it would be blowing hot air into the warehouse, making it worse. And then in the winter, it’s making it colder, so not ideal. We’re leaving that one there anyway because we haven’t done anything upstairs, but we don’t want the new one to have the outdoor unit here. Especially when we’re bringing the caravans in and stuff, it could bugger it up or hit it as well.

We’ve hired a cherry picker, so we can go up and put the new unit up on the roof, and then also, it’ll be fine to pull that right up there and through the roof to get it sorted. Anyway, that’s what we’re up to, and looking forward to that, just to take the edge off it.

Upstairs Insulation

We put some insulation in the other day, had a slow day, which was good. That’s the other unit I was talking about. All the insulation upstairs is all good now. So once that air-con’s going, it should keep the heat in and then stop the noise in the future, but one day, when we can afford it, we’d like to finish this off.

Powerpoint for Vacuum Cleaner

We got Pete the electrician here. While we’re waiting now, we’ve asked him to put a power point over here. We’ll just change them. We reckon it was on the plan beforehand, but he doesn’t reckon it was. So, we’ve got this new vacuum cleaner. It’d be great if it were just hanging on the wall here, sort of out the way a bit. So, that’s where we’ll just hang up now and then he’ll just magically put another power point in. He’s got nothing else to do anyway, so it’s good to see.

Up The Roof

It’s just got the vacuum on it now, sucking all the air. And then they can open it up, let the gas through, and it should be fired up. So, they’re going to leave it on there for about half an hour now.

Aircon Drain

We were hoping that the air-con drain would be able to go across the top of the door, and then down and out there somewhere, and we were going to worry about it later. But it’s come out too low. He’s put it as high as he can inside, but you can see, if you follow that along, it’ll go across the door. You can buy this little condensation pump. That hose there comes into the top and it goes through a little filter, and then when that little float rises up, it just pumps it out this little thing here, and you just put some beverage tube on it and then you can run it where you want. So, we could just run that beverage tube over the door and then down out to the paving out there or something. We were going to wire that up there somewhere where it sits in, and then we’ll sort something out later.

So if you do have one of these ones, they use them a lot on the internal wall a house. There’s nowhere for the drain to go for the condensation, so they can put these things in. We’ll stick that in, see how it goes. We’re just doing a test now, just going to tip some water inside the air-con inside, and then it should drain into here. You can see it’s starting to fill up. When that little thing goes up, that should turn the pump on and start pumping, so there it is.

All Done!

Guys, the air-con is working. It’s up there, beautiful. It’s very nice in here now. So, there’s the one pipe going up to the roof. Here’s that little reservoir. The water comes in here, the condensation, and then when that little donut thing goes up like that, it starts pumping the water up this tube, and then we’ve just gone up inside the thing and then run all the way across and down and then out the front here. So, we’ll probably just go through the concrete wall later on when we get some time and just maybe put a drain out the front or something for it to trickle into. So, that’s the plan for the moment. It’s a very good option. These things we got from Reece and that just clips on this, so it looks really quite neat.