3 Good Reasons Why Beautiful Plumbing Changed

Have you noticed we change our brand name to Beautiful Plumbing?

If you haven’t, well, now you know. We have changed our name from Metropolis Plumbing and Gas to Beautiful Plumbing. But why?

Well, in this video, we’ll tell you the reasons.

If you are reading and watching this, you must be one of our valued customers or have just stumbled onto our Beautiful Plumbing website.

We would just like to let you all know that Metropolis Plumbing will still continue to exist, but we have decided to change the name and rebrand.

We have been asked, why?


Metropolis is a great name. When I chose the name, I assumed everyone would remember it because of the night club or the city where superman lived.

But I have come to the point where I just have to face the facts.

It is a hard name to remember.

It’s hard to spell and pronounce.

We even stop correcting anyone anymore.

Then, it was the uniforms.

What’s wrong with the uniforms?

Well, the old uniform made the plumbers look like a ….


Or a gardener.

So if a guy rocks up to your house and say he looks like a zookeeper, say he looks after the elephants, or he looks like a gardener, would you invite him inside your house to fix your leaking taps?

Now this brings me to the logo.

It is a drip and a flame. Get it? Water and gas.

Of course you do. But it is just like every other plumbing logo.

Why does every plumbing logo need to be a drip and a flame?

Or a guy holding a massive wrench?

Plumbers do a beautiful thing for the health of a nation.

Why can’t a plumbing logo be something beautiful?

Why can’t the name of a plumbing business be something beautiful?

Well, it can and we have.