How to Get the Best Hot Water on Continuous Flow

Do you want to get the best hot water on your continuous flow hot water system?

If you’re in the market to put in a continuous flow hot water system at your existing house, a lot of people would go online and think, “Oh, I have two bathrooms. I might have a lot of water I want to choose the biggest one like a 26.” thinking that way they’ll get the best hot water.

You have a 16, 20, 26, etc. That’s not the best way to do it. What type and size of hot water system you need really depends on the pipes that are feeding it.

The worst thing to do is to call out a residential plumber and tell them you want a 26 and they just come and install it. That’s not the wisest decision to make. It’s not the best for you and your needs, and they’re not thinking about it.

In the video below, we show you what we mean.

Wrong Pipe Sizes

A client has a two-bathroom home with a 26 hot water system – the biggest one. The good thing about is that it has a big 20 mm pipe going into it for the gas and water. They have a 20 mm gas pipe (which all hot water systems have) as well as a 20 mm main pipe which means they can have plenty flow of water, and a big 20mm pipe coming out of it for the hot water. So they have a great amount of water coming into it which is awesome.

But the trouble is, if you follow down the main pipe, the previous plumber hooked in the 20mm pipe to a 15 mm, which means the big hot water system is being fed by the smallest pipe.

And then the water is nice and hot filling up this big 20 mm pipe, but only to end straight back down to a 15 mm pipe again. So they’re not getting any more water because the cold water comes from a small pipe. And the hot water is being pushed into a small pipe as well. They’re not getting any benefit out of that big hot water system.

They would have been better off with a 16 because it is made for 15 mm pipes and it will run just as efficient (running a good pace) while at the moment they hardly get any flow of water coming out of the current system.

So if you want to install a continuous flow hot water system, it all depends on your pipe sizes. Make sure you call a plumber who cares about it and gives a good advise so you don’t waste your money and get the best hot water out of your hot water system.

If you still want a 26, you still can have one but you just need to set it up right. We have made another video explaining it all. Check it out!

If you need any other help, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help.