Episode 10 – Brickwork and Water Services

In this episode is an update on the brickwork and water services. Check it out!

It was a Saturday at the warehouse and it’s very quiet, which is nice. Today we’ve just got to make a bit of headway. Put all the water services in the wall for the hot and cold, for the basins and kitchen sinks and all that sort of stuff. We’re just finding it difficult getting the time to get back to the warehouse and we don’t want to hold up any other trades. We need tilers to come in and that sort of stuff and ceiling fixers. So we just want to get a bit of a head start this morning getting it sorted.

The Brickwork

We’ll show you the finished brickwork. We’re so happy with it. It just looks amazing. That feature brick wall that Brendo said we should definitely have, we should definitely have because it looks the bomb. He’s done a fantastic job. Imagine if we put a sign up there later on or something, it’s going to look great.

Here’s a doorway that goes into the kitchen area. And then the new ambulant toilet. We’ve got the toilet over here. There’s new basin that’s going to go there. We want to try and avoid plastering the walls and then painting. We quite like when they just paint the brick, but the thing is we’ve got to do these chase marks to put the hot and cold water up the walls. But we don’t want to see that.

Hiding the Chase Marks

We’ve really thought about how we can hide the chase marks. So what we’ve done is, for this ambulant toilet, we’ve just drilled a hole through the wall and then on the opposite side of that wall, the shower is there. The tiles are more or less going all the way up to the ceiling on that side. So we’re going to tap into the cold main on that side so all the water pipes and everything will be on that side, but just stick through. All the chasing and stuff will be on the opposite side and then go up and it’ll be covered by the tiles.

Same with the basin, we’re going to put a mixer in the wall and that’s going to pop through and go to the other side. The other side of this wall is where the fridge access is. There’s going to be an overhead cupboard so you’re not going to see the chase there either. All those little things we’re trying to do as well.


For the kitchen, we’ve just chased the wall out. Got the hot and cold water here for the sink. We’re going to put a water filter and dishwasher tap. On the opposite side of the wall, we’re going to pop through these two holes here. We’ve bought this sweet little Stiebel Eltron three phase hot water system and they look beautiful. You just stick it on the wall and the pipes sort of come out. We’ve made them so they just come out so you don’t see any taps or anything. It just looks a sweet little unit.

That’ll be done on there. All this will be covered because you’ve got the kitchen cupboard, got splashback, and then you’ve got more overhead cupboards so you won’t see this chase coming down, which will be really good. Here’s the other side of the basin for the ambulant toilet so all the pipes will come up here. There’ll be a tap we’re going to put up here for the fridge water if we ever get a fridge of water.

Disabled Bathroom

We’ll show you the other shower as well in the disabled bathroom. This is where the disabled toilet’s going to sit. We’re running along there with the cold and then it’s going up here to the top there. This is the hole for the toilet on the other side so it would hide it. You got a mixer here for the disabled shower and that’s the outlet for the shower down here. That’ll have the hose on it and go up to a rail. Here’s the fixing points for the rail. We’ve marked it out because the last thing you want to do is to put your water pipes in and then drill through them at the end of the job because you’ve got to move it, fix it, and you got to be pretty exact with these shower rails for people with disability because there are certain heights that they have to be to hang on.

You can see we’ve marked it up here. There’s a fixing point here for one of them. The other fixing point here and the other fixing point there. Nowhere near our pipes as well, which is very important. Same with the other side over here. We got the basin again with the disabled stuff. You’ve only got 10 mil play. They say it has to be this height and that’s it. It’s a wall hung basin. We’ve got these two fixings, they’re quite big bolts that have to go in here and these are the spouts that come out that the hot and cold will go onto. They’ll be there.


On the opposite side you can see this is where the trough is. This is where we’ve run that chase up so we’ll be able to see that chase, but on the other side we won’t. There’s that hot and cold pipe coming through and this mark here is the one that we’ve marked to show where the fixing is for the basin on the other side. Again, it’s missing our water pipes, not by much, but it’s enough.

That’s what we’ll be doing today just to get a head start and then once that’s all done we can start working on tiling. We could even start putting all the C channels in with the M12 bolts bolted in there and stuff. We’ve got all the C channels and stuff all delivered. It’s good having mates around here with forklifts so they can pick it up and put it inside the unit for us.