Episode 14 – C Channel Install

In this episode, we are installing the C Channels.

We’re just going to start putting the C channels along the walls. What we’ve done back in the day was we marked out where all the bearers had to sit with a 450 centre. And then we had to figure out how long they were going to be. We show you in the video where the marks are.


The reason we’re doing 450 centre is the board you buy is 3 meters 600 long. That means you get eight of them. Now, the engineer has said that we need to have 600 spacings between the floor joists. But again, Brendo was saying if we add another two or three, bring that down to 450, it’s going to be a lot stronger, less bounce, and just a way better job. And it may only cost another $200-300. So we’re definitely going to do that now, to put about 450 just to make it stronger and over-engineer it a bit.

In the video, we show you the plan we drew out back in the day where we got the centre mark where we’re going to work from. This is because if there’s a wall, there has to be a beam underneath it. This is where we’re starting off and then we’re going to head this way 450. We’ve measured out all the beams and things like that on each side.

The Plan

Each section of the wall is A, B, C, D, so we know where it is. Now it’s just a big jigsaw puzzle. We’ve gone to a Stratco and given the the measurement and they’ve given me exactly the sizes that we want. For instance, this is what we call D2. It’s because there’s D1 and D2. This is the second one. We’re going to mount that on the wall. And then, let’s just say this is a floor joist here. Once that’s mounted on the wall, if you’ve got the measurement right we just need to get it on there. See how it slides in like that? That’ll be the floor joist. This will be attached to the wall with some M12 bolts. And that’s how it’ll sit.

The hardest thing is getting all these in the correct level and everything like that. And then we can just start sliding all these things. Anyhow, we’ll start mounting those on the wall now and hopefully it all works out. For the guys that do this every day, they’ll probably do a lot quicker than us, but it’s hard to get people at the moment. We’re going to have to do it ourselves. Ben has done this before for his place in Vic Park that he’s built and it turned out pretty good. Still standing, which is great.

The Result

We’ve been burning the midnight oil today, trying to get it sorted. As you can see, it’s nighttime, which makes it very easy for seeing the laser and stuff. So we got all the C channels in. You can see all the way up here. All the C channels are all bolted through with the M12 bolts into the wall, all different parts.

The laser shoots a beam over to the other side. You can see that the green line up there and then it shoot it across. This whole beam has been bolted in with the nuts and everything. Once we got the laser set up, it was easy just to keep going. That’s why it’s so late tonight.

You can see there, it’s all ready to go. Tomorrow we can start putting in the purlins or the ceiling joists, floor joists across this way and we’ll slot into there. Got the most difficult part done today, so we’re pretty stoked about that. And anyway, we’re just going to leave everything. We can’t even see what’s going on out here to clean up or anything. We’ll just do that in the morning and we’ll just lock up and leave.

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