Episode 16 – Securing Ceiling Beams

In this episode, we have finished securing the ceiling beams. Check it out!

We’ve got all the beams in there secure, so that’s great. One side was a lot easier because we could screw into the bottom the channel here, to bolt it in place. So that was heaps easier. But with the other side, we’ve got the wall in the way, so we’ve got to try and get screws in there. We’ve got a right angle drill bit that goes on the Tec drill, but it was just really hard to go through both of them, so we need to find a small drill bit that goes on a Tec bit, to pilot hole first, and then pop it through. But anyway, it’s all secure… Not going to go anywhere now.

As you can see here, this is the double beam that you have to put in when there’s a wall going above it. Because above this beam here, there’s going to be a wall. It’s not going to really take any weight, but that’s what the engineer said we had to do, so we’re just going to do it. We’ve sort of over-engineered all this, because you can see all these beams here, the engineer said it was fine to go to 600 centers, but we’ve gone 450, so that it’s not as bouncy, which is good.

Door and Windows Plan

We had an old patio tube too at home that we’ve cut up. And what we’re going to do is to screw this up here to the ceiling. And then the other bit, screw this up here, as well. We’re going to put that post in there and lock that in there. So what’s going to happen is that this window is going to become the door. If you can imagine, the guys will come through here. One side will be a window, and then the other side will be the door. The door’s opening this way and then you step in. Then there’ll be a small little foyer area. On one side, we will cut a door, out into the warehouse. So the guys can come in and go straight out to the warehouse, and they can walk around to the kitchen. But then the girls in the office can come in, and then we’ll have another door here that’ll open out that way, so they can step into the office.

Petition and Double Glazing

And then this will have a petition in it. We’d like to get glass just to allow as much light in here as possible. We’ll have a few desks in here, or even a couple of little couches and a coffee table. Then the current door is going to become a window – a small window down the bottom and another window at the top. Pretty cool windows. They’re double-glazing, because just across there, there’s a guy that makes all the steel bins. And some days, when they’re turning them over and welding, it’s quite noisy, so we thought we’d get double-glazing.

It wasn’t too much more expensive, and we’ll regret it if we don’t do it. Especially when we’re on the phone and can’t hear properly. Pretty cool window actually, because you can open it up this way, and pull it all the way around to here. But also you can close it, and then you can open it a little bit and it comes forward like this and locks open. So it’s still ventilation but you can’t get in through it. The first time Ben ever saw them was in Holland. He tried to open the window and the whole thing fell forward and he absolutely crapped himself because he thought it was going to fall in on him, or that he broke it or something… So he wasn’t expecting it.

So anyway, tomorrow we’ll see if we can bolt that all in place, get it all nice and square, so when the ceiling and everything gets fixed, whoever puts the last petition in has got something to clip it to. Because the ceiling’s going to sit down slightly on some little ceiling joists. So, we want them to have something solid.

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