Episode 24 – Ceiling Are Up

The ceilings are up! Check out the video below to see the latest update.


Now the ceiling guy has finished. We’ll show you that. It looks really good. He’s had a lot of issues because the walls were bent and buckled and we wanted this negative edging. So you can see in here how it’s all sort of worked out. We pre-drilled the lights so when the painter comes, when they drill the down lights in, it’s not going to put muddy or hand prints on there. But all here were just massive clumps of plaster from the old corners. So Jason from Titan Maintenance Services cut that all off for us and smoothed it all off. It is a difficult job. It’s not perfect, but way better than what we could do. What he had to work with it was just a really dodgy job.

You can see up inside here, there are some little gaps. So the painter will have to fill that up. But that’s the good thing about Jason. Every step along the way when he was having issues, he would let us know and said, “What are you going to do?” He was going to put a little bead, but we said, “We really like that negative edging.” So that’s what’s come up. It looks really good. That’s what it’s meant to look like when there’s a nice edge to work to it.

TV Area and Kitchen

TV area also came up really sweet. So we’ve got the plugs behind there that we’ve showed you before. That’s all turned out really well. Absolute loving the wall. The crosses on it was because the painters are starting in a couple days hopefully. So we just put some crosses on the wall to tell them that we don’t want them to paint it. That would be absolute devastating if they painted that wall.

We’ll show you the kitchen as well. That’s got that nice negative edging around there. Obviously that’s where the fridge is going to go, the dishwasher, oven, kitchen sink. There’s going to be a pantry behind this door here that’ll keep all the muesli bars and stuff just to keep the guys going. If they come back during the day to pick up a hot water system or the jetter, they’ll have some stuff there to snack on to keep them going because you do get a bit tired during the day when you’re exercising and working and stuff like that.

There’ll be like a bench here where you can have lunch with some USB power points. So they’re all in now. This is for the coffee machine. We’re going to have a coffee machine cupboard sort of here, which is very important in the Beautiful Plumbing world. And there’ll be a sweet overhead cupboard here, which will put the coffee beans and cups and stuff in. So that’s going to work out well.

We are going with black cupboards on the top with no handles. The benchtops are going to be a similar to a stone, but they’re a laminate. It looks like a white-ish sort of stone similar to what Ben got at his place at home. And then we’ve got gloss white cupboards down here with black handles.

And probably for the doors, because they’re going to be white, we’re thinking of maybe doing the frames just set in black because they’re going to match the door handles and stuff.


We’ll show you the disabled bathroom as well. It’s taken us a while to get used to the ceiling that’s so low because we really liked having it open like it was. So this is the ceiling that’s suitable for wet areas. That’s why we didn’t have the panels. We were going to have the panels in there because of the fan, to get access to it, but now we can get access with it when it’s here anyway, so that’s going to be great.

We’re going to paint all these walls. That’ll brighten it up a fair bit. So once the paint is done, then we can start putting in the toilet and stuff. At the moment we’re just using the camping toilet out in the corner there. So can’t wait until the painter starts and getting it sorted.

It’s great that we’ve been able to have the trades on site. It’s very difficult at the moment. We show you the ambulant toilet, the one that the girls are mainly going to use. We’re going to leave that brick wall the way it is like on the other side because we reckon that looks pretty cool. And then we’re just going to put one of those partitions across like that they have at the shopping centers, about that high and off the ground a little bit. And then with the door here.

What’s Next

We’re looking forward to getting the painter starting. And then we’ve already ordered the flooring. We’re just going to get a black butt vinyl plank that we glue down. There’s a fair bit of work that has to be done. They have to sand it a little bit, but the guy came out and said his guys can do it. So we’ll put a deposit down for that. Hopefully not too long once the painters are finished, we can book them. We’ve got another guy who’s given me a price to do this door here and a panel and another window here.

Because once we get that in then the office will be usable really with the flooring in. And then we can start moving in and getting it going. So then Ben can get back out on the tools and start running the business again. It has been hard to work and also run the business, be a dad and a husband, and also build this thing as well. So anyway, good to get it sorted and it’s going to be a lovely workspace, so we’re looking forward to it.

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