Episode 18 – Ceilings Installation

In this episode, we are progressing with the ceilings installation.

Today, Jase came to put a few ceiling batons up and stuff like that in the kitchen because tomorrow morning he’s going to stick it up. He stuck all those up, ready to go. As you can see, Pete’s got all the stuff here for the lights and everything like that.

Also, what we’ve done is you can see here, we’ve marked here, says 100 mil pipes. That’s for the exhaust fan for the ambient toilet. And also, we’ve just marked where the steel is. Later on down the track, when the ceiling’s up and we’re going to put a downlight here, we can see whether we’re going to hit something or not. It just makes it heaps easier later on. We’ve just done that all the way along so that later on we won’t be drilling a hole and hitting another beam or something like that.

Exhaust Fans

We’ve got a fan because the bathrooms have to have an exhaust fan. We’ve got an exhaust fan for this bathroom and it’s also got a LED light in it as well. That’s for the ambulant toilet. We bought two of the same, but Pete being Pete, he’s checked his regulations. And in the disabled bathroom you have to have a rating of IP4, which is a better rating or something like that. So we’ve had to go and change it and find a fan that’s got that rating on it, the IP4 rating, so you can have it over the shower. It was all these regulations that we didn’t know about, which is good. We’ve got to sort it out, so we’ve just stuck the ducting onto it. And that’s ready to go then. What you do is you just cut the hole in, and then you just slot that thing in and then you push it up into the hole and lock it in. And we’ve also got a light that goes on that as well.

We were also stressed about the hot water system. We have to check that and make sure it was just out of the range. That’s an IP4 as well, so that that’s all legal too. Hopefully tomorrow, we’ll have some ceilings. This will get very dark and then we’ll have to put some spotlights up when we’re working in here. And then hopefully, we can get the painter.

Stud Wall

Jase still got the main office to do as well. He’s put up a few of the beams ready to go. Another thing we had too is, because we’ve got this hole here, there’s a whole bunch of wires that go down. We want to get a TV for the toolbox meeting so we can watch safety videos and put the computer up on the big screen. Pete the electrician said, “Why don’t we just put a stud wall there and then put the TV in there?” Then we can run all the wires for the HDMI cables and computer cables and just do what we want. That’s what we’re going to do there. Jason’s going to do that for me so we can embed it over there. When the table is here in the end for the toolbox meeting and stuff, that means we could have a wireless mouse and keyboard. And you could have all the stuff up on the screen so we can all see it.

Ceilings Installed

Ceilings fix has come in today. The ceilings are all up. That looks really good. Obviously, once that dries then they sand it all back and everything. We must say, it’s a little bit depressing having the ceiling in because it was really nice to have the light from upstairs and that airiness sort of feel.

It’s darkened up a fair bit. But again, we’re real glad we’re going to change this door out to a window because you can really see, as we close the door, how much darker the whole room gets. Just by having a window, it’s going to make a big difference. But anyway, that’s how it is. You need ceilings, don’t you? To hold stuff up and put the lights in and that.

Once the downlights go in and everything, it’ll look really good. After it is painted as well. And again, Brendo, thanks for your idea of that wall, mate. It just looks fantastic. As you can see, he started the stud wall a little bit. we’ve just got to get the TV size now. That’s got to go in there so we can videos on safety and things like that. And then we can all look at jobs together and discuss them, about how we can do things safer and better and that sort of thing.

Kitchen too, you see it’s gotten a whole lot darker now. Again, it is a little bit depressing having the ceiling in, but we need the upstairs anyway. That’ll be all right when it’s all done. So it’s coming together now. We’ve ordered the kitchen cupboards, so that’s on the way. He’s given me some good advice too on that.

He hasn’t done anything in the disabled toilet yet.

Roof Leaks

We’ve had a bit of rain over the past few days, so it’s turned up quite a few leaks. On the floor here, you can see there’s a leak here. It’s mainly these whirlybirds that are causing issue here. And then a couple of joints around the back here too. We’ve got up on the ladder the other day and just put a mark around where they were dripping out. When the weather’s a bit better, we’ll go up on the roof and see what’s happening with that.

But it’s coming together great. It’ll make a big difference once the walls are painted, and it’ll brighten it all up again. They’ll probably sanding it and do another thing. We got to get in touch with the painter now if he still remembers me. Because back when we got him, it was when we were just going to give it a lick paint and renovate the bathroom. Until we knew that the mezzanine was built so dodgily and unsafe.

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