Episode 21 – Ceilings and Doors

In this episode, we give you an update on our ceilings and doors. Check it out!


We’re going to go with the normal ceilings. We were going to put these panels in at the time for these bathrooms. The main reason for that is we have to have a fan in here. We thought we had to have an inline fan ’cause we didn’t have much room. So we needed access to that in the future because if it ever packs up or something, we need to clean it and need to get it out. But we found these fans that go off on a right angle and from the top to the bottom’s about 200 mm. These beams here, these are 150, so we just need to add another 200 and have the ceiling about 70-80 mil down. It’s enough for the fan to sit. We can always get access to that fan in the future, so there’s no real reason why we have to have these panel ceilings ’cause he advised against it, especially in the disabled shower.

He said this bathroom’s all right, but anytime there’s a shower, it sucks up the moisture and it just ruins it after a year or so. So we don’t want to be replacing stuff again. He suggested, “Look mate, if you don’t need it, let’s put the normal ceiling. Put it slightly lower so we’ll fit that new fan in and that’s all cool.”

Once he’s done, then we can get the painter in to get him finished. After he painted all the walls and everything, we can put our toilets in and hot water systems and everything and then we can get the ball rolling. It’ll just be a standard ceiling in the disabled bathroom as well. Here’s the sort of that laundry section, so there’s got a standard ceiling in here as well and that’s where the trough’s going.


We started to try and sweep it up with the broom, but the dust, it just gets it up in the air too much. So what we want to do is try and get everything off the floor where we can. And we’ll just use the jetter just to wash it all down and then at least we won’t have the dust problem or anything like that.

Bitumen Coating

You can see underneath on the roof what we’ve done. Looks like we’ve missed a few bits, but we’re just waiting. We haven’t had a good downpour yet, so we’re just waiting for that to see how we’re going with that. The upstairs here, so all the wires and everything are in. We’re just going to see if any leaks when it does rain. Anyway, it’s looking all good. We’re going to get the jetter out and start washing it all down. We did a time lapse of that. It’s always just satisfying to watch it all wash out the door.

The Doors

It’s a good feeling when it’s all nice and clean because usually when the kids come to visit, ’cause it’s been so dusty, they’d jump back in the car and you’d see these little dusty footprints over the mats and on the seats if they’re climbing over it. But yeah, it’s come out really good again, so it’s nice to be fresh. All nice and clean. Smells good. This is Jason’s car. He’s from Titan Maintenance Services. He’s putting the doors in and stuff today and doing some bits of the ceiling. It’s looking all gray now, so nice and clean. These are the glass doors that we’re sticking in. Jason’s always complaining about he has to cut the doors off or something. These hinges have to be taken off just in case we pass out in here.

One of the doors to the office is already on, looking good. It’s a bit out of level at the top here, but the frames, when they’re well run, it’s not perfect so he’s going to adjust it up and make it look all right so not much else we can do.