Check Your Braided Hose. You See What Happened

Have you looked under your sink recently?

How is the condition of your braided hose?

We asked the same question to a customer after finishing a job and they thought might as well give it a check.

In this video, we show you what happened.

We’re glad we checked under their sink, because we found out the braided hose was about to go. We discovered some leaks as well. Not a good sign at all.

So we replaced it with a new one as well as replacing the whole basin set with the new flick mixer. Easy to use for the kids.

The flexible braided hose we have on board has 15 years warranty, so it will be good for a while. But make sure you check on it after about 10 years to make sure it is still all good.

Check out the video to see the before and after.

If you are looking into replacing your basin and taps, the flick mixer is a good option because it has 5 years part and labour warranty. So if it ever breaks within those 5 years, they will send their own plumber to fix it for you.

If you need any help with this, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help.