How to Avoid Disasters. Check Hose Now

Did you check hose under your sink or basin recently?

There are plenty of cases where these flexible hoses busted and flooded our clients’ houses. Make sure you check hose before it bursts and costs you more money.

Check out the video below to know what to look out for when you check your hose.

We got a call in the morning from our client whose hose busted at night. It was under the basin in their ensuite and it flooded to the front – their bedroom, walking robe, etc. Their carpet was soaked so they had to sort that out. It’s gone up the walls.

We could’ve just replaced it and gone to the other job. It would have been quick and easy. But for the safety of our customers, we checked the condition of the other flexible hoses.

We’re glad we did because the other hoses had rust marks on them. It would only take a couple of weeks before they burst. We asked if they wanted us to replace them as well and they said of course. They didn’t want to go through all of this again. Their wooden floors would be swelling up like a sponge if this happens again.

That’s why it’s a good idea to check hose every now and again, under your sink, inside the cupboards. And if you see any rust marks, give your local plumber a call to replace the hoses. Or you can give us a call. We’ll be happy to replace them for you or to help you check it.