Episode 33 – Cleaning Up

As we’re coming down to a wrap up soon, at least for a bit, time to do a bit of cleaning up!

Since we’ve got the scissor lift here, we’re thinking of cleaning all these beams up the top here. They’re all covered in dust and cobwebs, and so there’ll be a lot of dust sitting in that C-channel. So we think we’ll get the jetter out for that. As you can see, we’ve got all the shelving and stuff on wheels, paid a bit extra, except that one at the back there. There’s still stuff we’ve got to sort out properly and get some drawers for it or something. But for now, we’ll cover that in black plastic and then we’ll go up on the roof there with the scissor lift and just give everything a good spray down, clean up all those beams and everything. So then in the future, if we ever get the chance and have the money, we will paint the walls,. We’d really love to do that one of these days. And when we do that, we know there’s not going to be any dust falling from upstairs.

We’ve got everything that we could out so far. As you can see, we pushed the trailer down here. We might just cover up that box of wood and stuff that we’re going to burn one of these days, and then we can start. As you see, it all just goes on the movable shelving, which is pretty good. So we just chucked it out here. And now we’ll get the sizzle lift and get the jetter going and then try and do as much as we can today before we’ve got to bring the scissor lift back.


We’re done. There’s a lot of stuff up there that’s coming off. You can just see it runs down the walls and stuff, the buildup of 20 years of dust. So it’s really nice to get it all sorted and get it washed. The smell inside the factory now is like that summer rain, when there’s that dusty smell when it first rains.

See how the water’s pooling on the floor a bit? That means that if we ever wanted to paint the floor, which we do eventually want to paint it, they’d have to grind it back. Because whatever that stuff they use, the epoxy resin, the concrete has to be a little bit porous to grip, and if we put it just straight onto this, it would just come off. So it must be oil or whatever over the years or something. The scissor lift was awesome. Thanks to the Perth Hire Shop for that. It’s looking good now that the floor’s all clean and everything. That black plastic there was just to keep the water off.

All these C-channels are stripping a little bit from a few joints, just because it’s washed it off. So we might let that go for another half an hour, just have some lunch, and then we’ll start pushing everything back in there.

There’s also a lot of these plastic air lines that are running up along that beam there. You can see that it’s all cable tied all the way up and then goes across. So we want to cut all that down as well, just so it’s not hanging up there. And we don’t know what this wire is at the back here, probably have to take that down as well. We don’t think it’s doing anything, so just get it down out of the way so we don’t have to worry about it anymore. We also found a pair of shoes up there that we wouldn’t mind getting down as well. Hopefully they’re Ben’s size. Haha.

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