Episode 4 – Demolishing Warehouse

Did you know that we are demolishing parts of our warehouse?

As you might know from previous episode, we are demolishing the office part of our warehouse to start again.

Check out the video below to see what we’ve done so far!


We’d like to introduce you to Brendo and his son Ben. So Brendo is Ben’s brother-in-law and he knows a lot about building. He’s a brick layer/carpenter/plasterer. He can do everything and he does everything well, even builds furniture. So he was the main one that said, “Hey look, the mezzanine’s got to come down.” And he said he could rip it all down in half a day with Benny. So Ben was like, “Well, that’d be great.” And so yeah, they got to work.

We showed you just after they ripped down all the internal walls. You can see how we put a carpet down to sort of protect the floor a bit. We got rid of the illegal hot water system. Then we started ripping up the floorboards and check out the insulation. This is the insulation job that was apparently to code. It just looked like it was wet. Our heart jumped a little bit because they had a steel sort of beam in there, but as we ripped out more and more of the flooring and stuff, it was pretty clear that it wasn’t doing anything. Those steel beams weren’t even touching the walls. They weren’t even screwed down or anything like that. They were just blowing in the wind, so very dangerous.

So once we got all the flooring up, we just started kicking down the ceiling. The power has been turned off by our electrician friend Pete Matthews. He came down and disconnected all the power for us, so it was no danger when lights were pulling by strings and everything because it was all disconnected. We just kicked it all down and the dust over the next 20 years. That’s why it’s important to wear your dust mask and stuff like that because you don’t know what it is. We also ripped down all the beams. Not good for anything else. So we just cut up those, use it for a pizza oven or something.


A couple days later once that was done, we had to get the rest of the internal walls taken down, and so that’s when we got some of the guys from Airtasker to give us a hand, and also our apprentice Talen came in on the day too, and he’s been helping just knocking down walls and mainly picking it all up and getting it all outside to our massive skip bins. We filled up maybe three of them and we packed them really well too.