Episode 22 – Difficult Roof Leak

In this episode, we still have this difficult roof leak to sort out.

Difficult Roof Leak

We’ve still got some issues with this roof leaking. We’ve spent a bit of time doing it, but it’s where the lap goes over the top where the two sheets meet. And it’s still dripping. So we’re not sure if there’s any water engineers out there that can figure this out. It’s probably got something to do with that water tension or something that’s sucking it over, which is annoying. So, as you can see, we’ve put some things down. You can see this is from that rain last night, it’s all dripped in there. There’s a bad one over there. And the thing is, it’s dripping onto our new ceiling, which is not good. It’s already bubbled a little bit over there, but it hasn’t come all the way through.

So we’ve gone up onto the roof and taken some screws out, so you can see we’re in the right spot where we’ve marked it there. And we’ve taken those screws out. It just drips through there. It’s going over there somehow just a bit down from it. So we’re going to go up on the roof, just to see what is causing that because that’s got to be fixed. It’s still very cloudy today, with bits and pieces of rain, so we’ll just try and get up there and see if we can try to figure this out of why it’s sucking over. We don’t get all this stuff. We don’t know everything. So, any of you guys know why that happens, that’d be great. So we’ve just taken a whole bunch of screws out and then replaced those. Now we’ve got to wait for another downpour and see if that leaks again.

Up the Roof

Here’s the flue that’s coming through. It’s one joint, second joint. You see there’s one joint from a second joint and just down a bit. This is where it’s dripping over. We can pull that up a bit. You can see how it’s a bit gray and dusty. So maybe the dust is pulling it up over and letting it drip down. It could be sucking up through there too. See how that’s got that dusty mark? It looks like the water maybe’s getting sucked through there somehow, but we’re not sure how. We thought when it rains, it would just come off that and run down. But we understand if it was full it might suck it over and down, but we don’t know.

It’s sort of going up and then running all the way down here and then dripping off down the ceiling down here somewhere. So these screws, they don’t look too bad. So we’re going to put new ones in anyway. We’ll just pry it up like that, give it a good wipe and then put some silicon in between that, and see if that go all the way down. We’ve taken all the screws out all the way down. Just try and see if that works. So other than that, we’re out of ideas. Anyway, we’ll see where this goes.


We removed a bunch of screws next to the joint and then what we’ve done is we’ve lifted that up and there was a lot of dust under some sections. And you can see when it was overlapping, when I pulled it up you could see dust and there’d be water. So we don’t know how but with that dust there, it must suck the water up over that ridge, and that action just sucks it over for some reason. So we’re not sure how it all works, but you could actually see it where the dust was. Now over there. We think there used to be a sandblasting place nearby. And so when we first bought it, there was heaps in the gutters and stuff like that. So that’s gone up underneath those joints. Just that real fine dust.

So we just removed the two screws, pulled it up, cleaned it all out with a rag, and then we’ve put a bead of silicon under there, put it back down and then as you can see we’ve just rubbed the excess joint over there, all the way down. We’ve just got to see now if that works. Been pretty lucky with the rain today, it hasn’t really poured down heaps, so it allowed us to do the stuff. We’ve got to have a good downpour and then we’ll come back. Usually we can come back at night if there’s a massive downpour, to pop in and see if everything’s all right and we need to dry the ceiling. So hopefully that sorts it. But we’d like to get a new roof eventually, because we can’t have this all the time. But we’ll have to wait until summer.