Automatic Dog Bowls: The Best Solution for Your Dogs

Would you like an automatic dog bowls?

Have you got a dog that needs a good reliable source of water? They need automatic dog bowls!

It’s the new water bowl. We try to keep them on board with us all the time.

So if we’re out near your place or doing some work there, ask us about it and we can stick one of them in.

We will also put in a new tap and it can fill itself up. So whenever you wash it out or your dog drinks from it, it just automatically fills up to a desired level.

Now this house that we were in, they had a quite a small dog. So we just put it up next to a ledge so the dog could climb on it and drink.

So now the owners can go out and know that they’re never gonna run out of water. Thanks to the automatic dog bowls!

Before this they had this little bowl that used to tip over. No more!

If you’d like one of these automatic dog bowls, give us a call. We’ll be happy to help.

P.S. Summer in Perth is hot and dry with very little rainfall. Average temperatures range from 17.5 – 30°C (63.5 – 86°F).

Ensuring your dog is drinking the right amount of water is important for their overall health, and can prevent future illnesses. If your dog is not drinking enough water, they may be diagnosed with Polyuria. Drinking too little water can lead to dehydration.