Episode 17 – Door Update and Electrics

In this episode, we give you an update on the door and electrics work.

It was a bit of a rainy old day in Perth. It’s been a while since we had some decent amount of rain. Brendo has cut the door through, as you can see, Brendo and Ben, getting that in. Looking great. So that’ll be the one that the guys use when they come in from that main door.

We got our mate, Pete, the electrician. He’s out the back there. Got Talen up there too. It’s a bit noisy. He’s drilling some holes through, because up in the meeting room later on, there’s going to be a kitchen sink. So we’re doing that now, as you can’t do it later on. That’s what he’s doing, drilling the hole through.

We’ve got a couple of fans that we’ve got to go through, so we’ve got to punch the holes in this wall to get the fan through, so that’ll be good. And the electrician is running all the data cables and stuff like that.

So you can see here, he’s just pumped that hole through there for the kitchen. The kitchen sink will just be on the other side. One here, and then on the other side we’ve got the stack that’s going up to feed the kitchen sinks.

We chipped a tile the other da when we were grinding off this, so Dylan’s going to come out and fix that for me. A bit of a pain.

Because all this has to be hidden and there’s got to be conduits, we’re just going to put a stud wall out here and have some data cables hidden in there. So that’ll be good as well. It’s great when other tradies give you great ideas like that.

We’ll show you the sink and that once we’re finished. You can see the holes that are going through for the sink waste pipe and there’s the two water pipes that are gone through.


Brendo has put the doorway here for the guys. So the door’s opening that way, and so they can walk in and then come through here and then come into the warehouse and walk around, which is good.

And then we’ve got the partition or the poles up and everything, so that looks really good. We’re stoked with that. He’s done such a good job as usual. Pete the electrician has been there running these data cables.

Desks Position

The other afternoon we cut out some cardboard with the size of the three different desks and then we laid them out on the floor and said, “Look, would we like it here or over here? What’s the best way?” Probably the easiest way is if the desks were facing on this wall, but Ben didn’t want the office staff looking at the wall all day. He’d rather have them looking out the window where there’s natural light and. So we’ve decided to stick them in here and that’s where we’re putting all the data cables down around.

You can see all these are hanging down there for the down lights in the future. We’ve put three down lights to shine onto this brick wall, to make it a bit of a feature. So that’s going to look great.

We’ve got the waste pipe in and done a stack for the upstairs. So in the meeting room where we’re doing our toolbox meetings and also the front office up the top, we’re just putting a little kitchen sink to wash our hands. So there’s a stack that goes up and that goes along and then one of the pipes goes over here to the kitchen sink and then it goes through the other side to the other kitchen sink.

These big 100mm pipes here, that’s going to be for the fans. We’ve bought this fan with a right angle bend on it and that’s going to go onto that for the toilet, so they’ll fit in the ceiling space. So that’ll be good.

We’ve got all the power points here. That’s for the fridge and stuff. This one is for the light switches. All the chasing, got some more stuff for the oven and bits and pieces. Some power point for the coffee machine, a power point for charging your phone when sitting at the breakfast bar. All the data cables that are going down.


And this is going to be the front office upstairs. We don’t know what we’re going to do with it yet. So basically, where that wall is, where it’s got a double floor joist, there’s going to be a wall that comes out here and that’s going to have a kitchen sink here. And then there’s going to be a little office here as well. Probably from that window to where the end of that wall is, there’s going to be another little office. And there would be a meeting room where we’re going to have our toolbox meetings for safety and all that sort of stuff.

There are those 100mm pipes that we were talking about for the vent. So the fan’s going to go over here for the toilet and then one over there for the shower. That’s the kitchen sink for the upstairs meeting room, one there and then that’s the other one over there. So that’s what it’s going to look like up there.

It’s looking great. We’re very excited. Can’t wait to get moved in so we can get back to work and stuff like that because it’s been taking a lot of time. We’ve got the ceiling fixers coming. We’ve had to delay him a bit because we just didn’t have time now. One of the guys broke his foot, so that put us behind a bit. But anyway, we’re getting there.