Episode 28 – Doors and Windows

In this episode, we have some great progress with the doors and windows at our warehouse.

Ollie from ARCO Windows came, the double glazing guy, by himself. He installed the window up there. This one here is the new door and another window and then a couple more inside. Also Ben, the glass guy, came to do the foyer glass as well. He did the frame the other day and that’s all finished now as well so we’ll just show you how it all worked out.

We’ve got this pretty cool lock called the Auslock. It’s got fingerprint recognition. It’s not great for tradies because you do a hard job with your hands so sometimes the fingerprint censor might not pick up your fingerprints. But at the moment the censor worked.

This is the foyer. It’s got a sliding window here and then the guys can just head out to the warehouse if they need. But if they need to go in the office or for one of the office staff, they come through this door.

But the fingerprint censor for that door didn’t seem to work for Ben. Another thing you can do is just click it on your app and then it will just unlock.

The Office

This is one of the cool windows. The first time Ben saw these things in Holland. You can open it two ways. One way is you open it like this. See how you can hear the noise coming through. And then when you shut that, it’s a lot quieter.

The second way is if you put the handle all the way up, the whole window falls forward like this and so you can let air in sort of thing. The first time in Holland that happened, Ben was like, “Whoa, the window is falling out.” Ben thought he was in trouble.

Anyway, you can really hear the difference, how less noisy with the windows closed, so we’re glad we spent the extra money.

The Kitchen

Here’s the other window, too, that you can just slide that open, if the offie staff needs to talk to somebody in the foyer or something like that.

We have another full window in the kitchen. We should put a sticker on that so someone doesn’t walk into it. Because it used to be just an opening. Now that’s double glazing as well. So that’s going to be quite quiet if there is any work, like caravan work that we do in the warehouse.

Another window here near the breakfast bar. This is also double-glazed and the same type of window. So you can open it up both ways, to let some air through or talk to the guys. So yeah, really nice quality. We’re pretty stoked with all that.


A bit of a stuff-up on the toilet side of things. We went to put the toilet in yesterday. It was Caroma Cosmo that we bought and we looked in the book to get the recommended set-out. It was like 320 mils. So when we put it in, the front of the toilet, because it’s a disabled toilet, it has to be like 800-810. So they don’t give you much wiggle room at all. When we put it in there, it was like 760 or 765. So when the inspector comes out and measures it, they’d said, “Oh it’s not right.” So the only option we had was to cut the floor up and bring it over. Obviously, we don’t want to do that.

So we called up cover hardwares. There is a model that you can buy. It’s called the Argent. We usually like Caroma, the back to the wall one. So it’ll go all the way back to the wall here. That means that the pipe can go down wherever so it’ll work. It’s another solution, but a lot more expensive. This is the boys’ toilet, so it’s well worth it for our guys to use a $1,500 throne that they have to sit on.

But come up and look at it, it’s quite heavy just out here. So this is the one. It’s in this box here. It’s about 50 kilos, that box, so it’s pretty heavy. The whole thing is all porcelain. And this is the backrest that needs to go around the cistern as well. And it gives you like a gray color seat.

Next Up

So we’ll just be sticking that in and getting that up all ready to go. Then we’ll just need to give it a deep clean, go buy a mop and everything for the unit and then start washing it all out.

Hopefully we can start moving in, putting some desks in and hopefully all the internet and everything works. We’ve got the internet box that’s all working with a whole bunch of cables. Our mate came the other day and ran some cables for the cameras and stuff.

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