Dux Prodigy Owners, You Need to See This Now

Do you have a Dux Prodigy that looks something like this?

If the model number of your Dux Prodigy is 135D5N or a 170D5N, please take the door off and have a look inside and see if there’s any fire damage in there.

This is the second one we’ve come across in three weeks that’s ended up in this situation.

In the video below we’ll show you where the serial number is and so you can find out where is the data plate and also see what’s wrong with this case.

Check The Model Number

The data plate is on the top left hand side. The one that says 170D5N or 135D5N is what you look for.

The other way to tell if it’s one of these ones with the flue dampener¬† is there’s a device on the top right hand side. It opens and shuts the flue dampener.

Now all the flue dampener is is a little flap that sits on top of the flue that shuts off when the burner shuts off so it keeps the heat in nicely, so it gives you good five-star energy.

It’s meant to have a device if the flue dampener is shut, then the burner can’t come on.

The Issue

Well, in this case, that hasn’t worked for some reason, so we’ll show you inside too, what’s happened.

We’ve taken the door off and you can see inside. You’ve got the sit valve here, and this is the device that the gas flows through and opens the flue dampener at the top.

You can also see that it’s been closed up at the top. This hasn’t worked for some reason.

All the flames have been out here starving for oxygen and all this has caught light, all the foam insulation all around, so a very dangerous situation.

This sit valve has copped a lot of heat through it as well.

So it’s very important to just take the door off. If it looks something like this, then it’s best to give Dux a call and see if they can sort it out.

The Warranty

The warranties on the Dux, to the best of our knowledge, is one-year parts and labour for the whole unit.

And then it steps up to a five-year warranty parts and labour. That’s only for if the pilot light goes out or if the flue dampener stuffs up.

In this case, this system is only four years and two months old, so we called Dux up and they’re going to come out and sort it out for the customer here, free of charge.

So if you do have one of these Dux Prodigy, please take the door off. If it looks something like this, where it’s burned out, call Dux.

Turn the gas off. There’s usually a gas valve here. Shut that off. In the video, we show you how to shut if off, so the gas can’t go through so it’s safe.

Give Dux a call and they’ll come and sort it out for you if it’s below five years old.

So stay safe and check it, okay?

If you need out help, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.