Episode 15 – Floor Joists Install

In this episode, we are installing the floor joists. Check it out!

It’s the day after we installed the C Channels. We’ve put the one in the centre first. We’ve had to get that dead square using our Pythagoras theory. One of those things we learned at school. That’s the one there that we’ve laid it in nice and square. And then we’ve just got to work all the ways off. So what we’ve done is we’ve marked 450 all the way along. And then we can just start chucking them all up and then getting them into place, and then we can just make sure they’re directly right and screw them in. We’ve noticed that the back wall is a little bit off by 10 mm or so. We don’t know if that would affect anything later with the floorboards, but we’ll sort something out.

Floor Joists In Position

All the floor joists are just put up there in position. Talen’s giving us a hand with that. He enjoyed it too, seeing how to do things, different jobs and different things. The steel fixers, who put all this up and work all that out, are most of the time on the really big commercial sheds. So it’s very hard to pull them off those jobs where they might be there for 2-3 weeks to come do this little warehouse for Beautiful Plumbing. So we just did it ourselves. We’re pretty proud of how it’s all turned out. A couple of the joists were too long, about 10 of them. So we had to cut 10 mill. It was annoying to cut the last bit off so it wasn’t so tight. But other than that, it turned out great.

Happy Results

So the only thing we’ve got to do now is to tack them all in place, get them all nice and square. And then we’ll maybe try and get a welder just to weld up the C channel to the joists to really lock it in place. But one thing that’s very satisfying being a tradie. Most of the time, plumbers do stuff and they bury it and you never see it. But this is something that’s bang up there and you’ll be seeing it forever. And we love how when you go from low down over the top and it’s just beautiful and flat, and you see those ones on YouTube where they slide the level across, and we can slide the level across, which is great. So that means there’s no high points or low points. And yeah, it turned out sweet and we are very happy with it.

To Code

I wish it was done like this when the warehouse was first built. Even though he said that it was all done legit by his mate and everything, and to code, it definitely wasn’t. Remember the photos where the insulation was just thrown in there and the floor joists were non-structural, and it just wasn’t done correctly. But now, this is how it should have been done and it’s going to last forever, which is good. We’re looking forward to moving onto the plumbing now. Electrics has got to be put in and then we can put the ceilings in. And then we can start decking out the toilets and hooking the water up.