Episode 13 – Tiling and Floor Protection

We’re starting the new year with the tiling done and putting up the floor protection. Check it out!

Tiling Done

We’ve done another stage, which has been pretty exciting. We managed to get the tiling done. Now a little bit back to front. We would have liked to get all these ceiling joints and stuff installed first because we’ll be walking over the tiles. But one of the guys from Ben’s kid’s school was available and so he thought he’d just snap him up. So Dylan’s come out and he’s done it for us and finished it up. He’s done a great job.

Ambulant Toilet and Kitchen

We’re still loving the main office brick wall. So Brendo, great idea and we love it. Anyway, come through and have a look at the ambulant toilet. Ben’s wife chose the white tiles. They’ve got like a diamond effect. You can sort of see it, but we’ll show you in the disabled toilet. It depends on where the light is. So this was an old light up here, you can see from the factory before. We’ve just hung it up there. Because when we’re working in this spot, it’s quite dark. So it was helpful for the tiler as well as Ben when he was doing all the plumbing. They could see what they were doing.

If anyone wants a towel rail with a mirror, let us know. You can probably have it for 20 bucks if you want it. It used to be Harry’s and he got a little bit upset when people used his towel rail. Anyway, good day, Harry, if you’re watching.

Come through around to the kitchen. It’s looking great. Here are the pipes and everything. Hot and cold water there. See how we’ve done a bit of a groove here where the brick is. So if it is painted, it’s not going to be offensive to the eye, which is good.

Disabled Bathroom

See in the disabled bathroom how we’ve put a light up here to give light in the room when the tiler’s working. Check out the diamond effect on the tiles that we mentioned before. We just love it. It looks so good. It’s going to have this diamond effect and a white porcelain toilet on there. The tiler just used all the white tiles. We have the diamond effect where the basin would be as well. We want to make sure that we get a light up there as well.

Also, see the walls with two massive panels for the concrete panels that go up. There’s a joint there. Now obviously this is going to move all the time, expanding and contracting. The tiler said if he just tiles across it, it will crack. So we’ve taken all the paint off. He’s put some of the membrane across the crack and then filled the rest up. But this joint here that he’s put in, that is siliconed. So now these two walls can move a little bit. If he didn’t do that, it would crack. So anyway, we’ll see how it goes.

Floor Protection

Because we got the tiling done before the ceilings, it’s important that we protect these floors. The last thing I want to do is to have this knocked up because it did have really good waterproof membrane and everything in there. So we’re going to put on Ram Board. You can get that from Bunnings. We think it’s a US product. It’s just cardboard. And you can lay that down, stick it down.

Wall Protection

On the walls, we’ll put on a drop sheet with masking tape on it. So you can stick the masking tape along and then pull it down. And that’ll just keep the dust and everything off while we’re working, putting ceilings on and stuff like that. That’s what we’re doing first all this morning, getting the floor protection down, getting it all sorted and protected. And then we can start seeing how we put this jigs all together.