Episode 26 – Flooring Done!

Sean from Vic Park Flooring, a lovely guy and great tradie too, has finished the flooring at our warehouse, at about six o’clock, burning the midnight oil. He’s done a really good job. We’ll show you around in this video!

The flooring looks really good. We’re pretty happy with it. We haven’t even got a skirting, and look at the way he has cut it. You can hardly even see the gap. So he has done and absolutely an awesome job. And check out Brendo’s wall. It just sets it off so well, doesn’t it? This is the Blackbutt flooring that we got. So yeah, it looks really good.

Kitchen and Laundry

Down here through to the kitchen area. We’re now ready for the cupboards and everything to go in. And the black door frames and stuff, we’re really happy we chose that. The painter was like, “Who chose the black frames?” And Ben said, “Oh I did.” He’s like, “Oh it looks good.” Normally it doesn’t, he reckons. But they’re going to have black handles as well, so that’ll go in there.

That’s where the laundry’s going to go. He has done a little ramp there for us so we don’t trip over. They finished it off really nice. You can see where it lines up with Dylan’s tiling. They did a really, really good job. So it’s ready for all the plumbing stuff now. We picked up the disabled toilet and the ambulant toilet today. So hopefully in the next couple of days we’ll do that.

More Painting

The painter’s got to come back. There’s been a few things. There was some spatter on the wall over here from the brick, and he just left it on there. So we took that off and put some putty in it, so he’s just got to sand it back. And then there was a big hole in the wall that he didn’t have the putty to fix, so we cemented it up. And what you’re meant to do is leave it down just a little bit, just down a fraction so then they can put the skim coat on there. So that’s what we did out here in the laundry area and in the disabled bathroom. We had it so it’s just a couple mils lower, and then they could put the white stuff on and then sand it back later. But he just painted over the whole thing. So, a little bit disappointed.

And there was quite a few wall plugs and stuff that we didn’t know about, didn’t see, and he just painted straight over the top of them. That was a little bit frustrating, because Ben was there. He popped in now and then to say, “How are you going? Do you need anything?” To keep him going. And he didn’t mention anything to Ben. So that’s what annoys us, when you just go over the top and don’t mention anything.

Annoying Case

Even my brother-in-law, Brendo, had a house built and he did the bricklaying. He noticed that one of the toilets was offset. It was about 100 ml off to the left-hand side, or whatever it was. And he informed the builder and said, “That needs to be moved over.” So he finished the bricklaying and then the roof went on and then the windows got in, so it was lock up and he wasn’t allowed to go back inside anymore.

When it went to handover, the toilet was installed, tiled and everything. There would have been so many trades that would’ve said, “Hey, there’s a problem here.” The tiler would have said something, or the plumber who actually installed it would have said something. It was a small toilet anyway, but that kind of stuff just bugs us a bit. We hate it when our guys do that. If we see that attitude of “It’s not my job, I’m not going to be aware of it.” We think you’re better off just to say, “Hey look, get it to…” Because even with Brendo’s case, the amount of work, the dust, you have to knock up the tiles, all the trades had to come back to fix it. And it would have been so easy when Brendo was there bricklaying just to go, “Cut it up, and fix it up.”

Next Up

Anyway, a bit to do. The painter missed a bit of paint up here. You can see it. There’s no paint at all on that little rebate, so he’s sorting that out. We didn’t leave any other screws. We had screws for the TV, but pretty obvious that they had to be used later on. But other than that, he did a really good job. So, looking forward to it. Anyway, we’ll start putting the dunnies in in the next couple of days hopefully, and then we’ll get it sorted.